The Days for Atmanirbharta are Over Dost!

So, the 1920s called, they want their pandemic back. Looks like 2020 isn’t willing to give that up anytime soon! Hasn’t the world come to a stand still? Like you are on a traffic signal, sitting there in your car, just waiting to hit the race as soon as the light turns green? (If you […]

Why is the porn industry man centric?

                                                     There’s a widespread assumption that menfolk are hard-wired to view women as sexual objects, and that, as more visual creatures, all it takes is a close-up picture of an arse to get their priapic blood pumping. At least the success of Savita bhabhi and play boy magazine’s success says the same! Women, meanwhile, […]

We have become the men we want to marry

Enough with the waiting! Was I waiting for my prince charming to come and fly me off to some wonderland? Hell NO. But, I was surely waiting to fall in love with the man of my dreams. Someone who is brave, independent and the one who is unapologetically himself. Wait? But aren’t these the words […]

Ye Single friend itna gyani kaise hota hai?

                                                  Every group has one single friend who hands out the best relationship advice. You go to them to rant, to whine, to overshare and when you just want to be heard. And they, in turn, are able to provide you with gems of relationship advice.  But, aise kaise? Be it emotional, financial or morning motion […]

My First Time With StayUncle

It had been almost a month now that we had started dating. We both knew we were serious about each other. And yes, we did want to get intimate. I wanted to hold her. Have her head rest upon my chest with her arms around me as we both slept. We were in that zone […]

Oompaa Loompaa! Uncle Introduces New Time Slots!

Here at StayUncle, we keep doing new things. Simply because we love you. You, the young lover, the kinky Indian, the experimental badass… yes we are talking about you! Far too many times we would hear couples say… “but Uncle we have to check out in 5 hours!” “She has to go home on time…” […]

Sex Toys And A Brave New World

 “Uncleeeeee we just love the blindfolds you gave in the kits and guess what, we didn’t use it just on the eyes!” A couple called up StayUncle the other day and this is what they said! We know what you mean our darling StayUncle couple! Did you know the oldest sex toy in the world […]

Your Masculinity Is Making You An Asshole

She had just broken up with her boyfriend, who was the roommate of my best bud. I remember the first time I saw her, I out rightly confessed, in private of course, how smitten I was with her, how I couldn’t stop myself from being attracted to her. I knew she wasn’t available and was […]

Top Eight Erogenous Zones for Men and Women

Oh, the human body, a wonderful mysterious world of unexpected feelings and sensations! The very fact that the human body orgasms is an amazing thing in itself! Sexual exploration is limitless, and we at StayUncle are always excited in this subject! Not only do we encourage you to think about sex as something that is […]

What if StayUncle existed in the 80s??

A lot of people commend StayUncle on how it is bringing a revolution in the way everyone thinks about love, intimacy and pre-marital sex in the modern times. Since love has existed forever, there has always been a need for a platform where love birdies could come without any fear and spend time with each […]