“Pulling out” while having sex is like eating Rasagulla. Here is why

Sitting on the hostel’s terrace, and after one bottle down of desi daaru, my roommate nonchalantly told me she uses the pull-out method as a primary form of birth control.

“I just don’t like all the hormones from the Pill. They make me gain weight, she said, flipping her hair like the most basic bitch on planet Earth.

I replied with my drunk yet hilarious tone-“You know what else makes you gain weight? Pregnancy.”

What scared me was that this wasn’t the first time a friend admitted to me that she used the pulling-out method, or coitus interruptus, as her sole means of pregnancy prevention.

The pulling-out method might be just fantastic for guys who want to get their dick wet sans condom, but it really, truly sucks for women.

Knock..knock ladies, who are truly worried about catching a tiny human from your partner. Thank you for meeting me over here.

So you’re doing a great job using condoms, but perhaps you’re wondering if you have to wrap his tool at the very beginning of penetrative sex.

You know that your partner’s semen could be carrying some cooties, but semen comes at the end right? So do we really have to put on the condom at the beginning, when there’s oh so much to be done before the big finale? Fantastic question!

YES! It’s important to cover your guy’s device with condom from beginning to be extra cautious.

The excitement leads to the release of pre-cum before reaching the climax or before jerking off completely.

This pre-cum too contains sperms in low concentration but equally potent to rush down in the vaginal cavity and make a baby!

In pull out method the guy keeps fooling around with no helmet on and has to stop just when the passion is at its peak and do exactly the opposite of what your body wants to do: keep going.

The main thing to remember about the pulling out method is that it is actually pretty difficult to do correctly because “Savdhani hati..durghatna ghati”.

This method requires immense trust and communication between partners. What it comes down is to control. You alone control your body. Don’t give that kind of power to someone else.

As a woman, you’re giving the control to the man and counting on him to actually pull out – which he might not.

A woman’s body is her business and its safety should be her concern, no one else’s.

You should trust your boyfriend, that’s great, that’s healthy but he should not be the ultimate dictator in whether or not you bear a f*cking child.

The pull-out method is to birth control methods sort of like tomatoes are to fruit: People aren’t even really sure if it counts as one. This messy, sticky method is the absolute worst.

The pull-out method, like a brief romance, has the same whiplash effect.

It goes from pure ecstasy to complete destruction in a matter of hours (or minutes). What’s the point of having sex if you’re going to cut it off?

It’s like eating half Rasagulla — the satisfaction is lost somewhere in the middle.

We’re dating and having sex half-assed. We’ve got no follow-through. We’re perpetually leaving each other in the middle of texts, relationships and orgasms.

We let someone in and think he’ll be there tomorrow, yet all this person leaves us with is his empty promises, rejected love and sticky sheets”

It’s the whole idea of it — the half-assed attempt at something beautiful, a mess that’s usually left for the woman to clean up and promises that lead to nothing but bad sex and a quick goodbye.

Along with “just the tip” and “just for a second,” it sounds like we’ve created a dating culture around a massive lie. Doesn’t it sound like we’ve created a scenario in which men get to have their cake and eat it too.

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