Let’s just accept it, the work-life leaves us with little or no time for our beloved, especially if we aren’t staying with them in a live-in or are married.


Hence, it is quintessential to rekindle the love between you two. Honestly, traveling to a place is quite tiresome in itself, isn’t it better to appreciate the beauty of the city you are already in? Together????

But, then the stigma around unmarried couples staying together surrounds your mind.

Relaaxxxx!!! This thought should not cancel your weekend getaway to your own city in a hotel.

Leave this on StayUncle, for now, look at the undiscovered places you can visit in Patna while enjoying your stay at the StayUncle couple-friendly hotel in Patna.

Funtasia Water Park

Water parks may seem like an obvious choice for getting some desperate refreshment. Funtasia water park which is the first theme park in Patna offers matchless excitement and promises a whole lot of fun time with water slides, stimulated rain dances and wave pool!! Isn’t’ it anxiety-inducing?

Don’t worry if you feel like your anxiety is out of control after exciting adrenaline packed rides because StayUncle will manage your stay for a relaxing weekend—with loved ones in tow!

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Mahatma Gandhi Setu-
It’s the longest river bridge in India connecting south Bihar to North. This 5.5 km long bridge is perfect for a long walk and romantic conversations. Make sure you take a walk here whenever you go to Patna.

Now coming back to your staying concern, Hotel Orange Inn has joined hands with StayUncle for making the life of unmarried couples traveling to Patna comfortable and judgment-free in Patna.


Also, the best part about this hotel is that it won’t dig a hole in your pocket. It is just 7 minutes away from the Rajendra Nagar Terminal railway station. Moreover, the hotel is just 4.4 km away from Gandhi Maidan Park and 7 km from Mahatma Gandhi Setu.
What’s more???
The hotel has a minibar, travel assistance, car rental service and all other amenities you would expect an affordable hotel like Hotel Orange Inn to have. Free Wi-fi, T.V etc. The food is served by Moti Mahal Delux restaurant which is famous for its Indian and Chinese cuisine.
If you are a pool lover, the hotel has ample pools as well. Two of the pools are outdoors and one is an indoor pool.
You also get a fitness center inside the hotel so you can burn some more calories outside the room if at all you want to. 😉

Finding a decent, cheap, romantic, private and safe hotel near you shouldn’t be a matter of concern with StayUncle. With StayUncle you can expect a host of facilities (best one is StayUncle LoveKit :p), great service and comfy rooms at affordable prices, call it luxury on a budget!

Share intimate moments and judgment-free vacation with your partner.

Have the happiest time,