Best couple friendly hotels in Bangalore

If Delhiites are the undisputed champions of budget, quickie quickie type of couple stay, Mumbaikars declare you their deity if their couple friendly stay  in Mumbai doesn’t burn a hole in their pocket then Bangaloreans surely want to make each of their couple friendly stays more special than their previous one. The good folks in Bangalore just love class and spare no means to get it. The most visited couple friendly hotels of StayUncle in Bangalore are all in the higher range and they don’t really bother to complain much like Mumbaikars do for example. What awesome, awesome people these Bangaloreans are.

List of Top 8 couple friendly hotels in Bangalore

  1. Hotel Liwa in Jakkur
  2. Hotel Svenska in Electronic City
  3. Hotel Radha Hometel in Whitefield
  4. Savoury Business Hotel in Madiwala
  5. Hotel Nandhana Vista in Kammanahalli
  6. Hotel Ramada Bangalore on MG Road
  7. Hotel Casa de Bengaluru in Kormangala
  8. Hotel Pai Viceroy, Jayanagar

Hotel Liwa

Okay, we have to mention that first. The food really sucks at hotel Liwa in Bangalore and that has been reported by almost every third couple guest by ours. We’ve tried our best but it seems that the good boys and girls in this couple friendly property in Bangalore just don’t care. To take the analogy of the guy who buys a big car to make it up for something else small, the lovely staff at hotel Liwa seem to make it up for their lack of cooking with a gorgeous and very warm attitude towards couple guests, one you will rarely find around. So we thought, let’s just leave it that way.

Hotel Svenska in Electronic City

Just like it’s couple friendly counterpart in Mumbai it features one of the best designed interior premises you will find in a couple friendly hotel in Bangalore under this price range. Just the place to make your better half feel special and prove that you really think and care for him and here. Impeccable service from reception to checkout, glittering clean, fantastic location. It surely tickles all the boxes for a most surreal couple friendly stay. Why don’t you check it out yourself.

Hotel Radha Hometel in Whitefield

One of StayUncle’s oldest couple friendly hotel partners in Bangalore, in fact among the first batch of 10 hotels we’ve added when we first expanded into Bangalore back in 2016. Couples love it for the serene and clean ambient, spacious rooms, not too designed, not too simple, walking the middle path and matching everyone’s flavor. Highly recommended by over 50% of all our couples clients in Bangalore.

Savory Business Hotel in Madhiwala

One of the most visited hotels by couples in Bangalore being a business hotel? This tells us that most Bangaloreans want it serious when it comes to their couple friendly stay unlike Delhiites for example which are the marshals of compromise. Or is it that every time Bangaloreans stay in a business luxury type of property is a special time? Come on Bangaloreans? Haven’t you stayed with your loved one a single time for a quickie quickie? Does it always have to be special? Or perhaps is it the marvelous price at which they are able to obtain this hotel as StayUncle couple guests? Not sure which one is it is, the price or the fact that Bangaloreans treat every couple friendly stay a more special than the previous one. We may need your help to get clear on this 😀

Hotel Nandhana Vista in Kammanahalli

We’ve partnered with this couple friendly hotel back in the spring of 2016 and just 3 months later we’ve declared it as the Hotel of the Month for August. This is not a regular accolade we give on a month to month basis but a really adhoc recognition meant only for hotels whose service towards StayUncle couple guests really excel. The food, the behavior of the hotel staff, the interior design of the room all combine into a fairy tale which you must experience at least once if you chance in Bangalore.

Hotel Ramada Bangalore on MG Road

A prime class hotel and the jewel of Bangalore when it comes to couple friendly stays for local ID couples. Here at StayUncle we have a long history of association with this brand name to be able to stand behind this claim. Couples love the glitter, love the growing excitement just as they make their step towards the room and love the most everything that happen afterwards in these lush spacious rooms with no one to interrupt them throughout their stay. Let’s leave it till here, because you have a decision to make 🙂

Casa de Bengaluru in Kormangala

One of stayUncle’s most famous home-stay types of couple friendly accommodation in Bangalore. Celebarted for that flawless cleanliness and top notch behaving hotel staff making you wonder whether you’ve been staying in a 5-star property by any chance? No wonder we’ve nicknamed this property the best 5-star home stay type in Bangalore. You better come and check whether we are overstating this.

Hotel Pai Viceroy, Jayanagar.

Selected for the ultimate combination between high class accommodation at a pocket friendly price Seeing it from this angle, this couple friendly property is among the Top 3 in Bangalore. If you are a local ID couple and location of the property is not an issue we highly recommend to arrive to Jayanagar and book this property. It will be well worth it from pocket as well as uncompromising quality.

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