Best couple friendly hotels in Mumbai

Getting hotels for couples in Mumbai turned out easier but hacking couple friendly accommodation for these eager Mumbaikars with local ID proof was a sweaty task. Well not as sweaty as the wet one guy claimed to have gotten from his love one during the middle of his act out of sheer and unforgettable excitement. In case you find this intro leading towards some uncharted waters, remember that this is all about smooth couple friendly accommodation with local ID proof accepted – an image barely imaginable before the arrival of StayUncle in Mumbai….

List of Top 7 couple friendly hotels in Mumbai

  1. Hotel Shambuji, Thane
  2. Hotel Roa, Ghatkopar West
  3. The Sahil Hotel, Mumbai central
  4. Hotel Svenska Design, Mumbai
  5. Hotel GSK, Kurla West
  6. Golden Chariot Vasai Hotel and Spa
  7. T24 Residency, Andheri East.

Hotel Shambuji, Thane

One of StayUncle’s most frequented hotels in the whole of Mumbai. The review tell a story. Recently someone wrote “ she got all wet on me” you know the type of review we often get and contemplate whether to publish it in the first place or not. But then we remember, all well, its Mumbai, can’t help it.

Hotel Roa, Ghatkopar West

The pride of Mumbai whose building with suave you will barely miss. Also among the first ever hotel in Mumbai to become a couple friendly hotel partner dating all the way to 2015. That certainly speaks a lot about the progressive spirit of this hotel and its staff. We’ve had few local celebrities booking this hotel for their overnight stays with their partners, which means if you wish to be a part of an ongoing cultural conundrum and sighs embedded inside those colorful walls, this is the place in Mumbai to stay as a couple.

The Sahil Hotel, Mumbai Central

A perfect dig on many aspects. Walking distance from Mumbai Central Railway station, surrounded by tons of tourist spots and places to see and some of the most spacious rooms you will find at this location and this price range. Phew, it takes a while to find out the gems among the rest but when you see this amazing feedback from happy couples with glittering faces, it is well worth it.

Hotel Svenska Design, Mumbai

One of StayUncle’s oldest couple friendly hotel partners in Mumbai, in fact one of the first 10 back then when StayUncle was just a little boy and a brand new player in the hospitality space no one in Mumbai really paid attention to. The name speaks a lot. You will find some of the most classy, uniquely designed hotel rooms not only in Mumbai but in India overall. If you think we are over reacting, make sure you keep that special moment in your relationship for hotel Svenska Design and see if that is the case or not. Be Uncle’s guest.

Hotel GSK, Kurla West

Getting a pocket friendly accommodation for couples is one heck of a task an honestly we had our own pack of hard times enabling this. If that end of month with low bank balance bothers you, before you get your salary then bookmark Hotel GSK. An old couple friendly partner of ours and one of the few hotels in Mumbai which never increased the price for StayUncle couple guests irrespective of low or peak season. In hospitality, relationships mean everything and we witness this every day.

Golden Chariot Vasai Hotel and Spa

One of the most highly rated hotels for couples with bubbly bathtub included, in Mumbai. Between you and us, there is a teammate of ours who frequently travels to Mumbai for work duties and his partner stays there as well. This property is where they hang out each and every time mainly because of that blissful, sinful bathtub. No, we are not going to disclose any names here, you better go and see for yourself.

T24 Residency, Andheri East.

It is heck of a task to accommodate properly as a couple without risking judgments and even weird moments, it is even harder to do it at a pocket friendly price. Uncle took on the challenge and soon located this rare gem and the first, hand-picked couple friendly hotel in Andheri East on A budget option + in Andheri East + not a dint of judgement? Yes it sounds unbelievable but we made it work. Come and see for yourself. Be our guest.

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