[The Lovecast Episode 6] – Interview with a breast cancer activist

A Delhi University girl attained breast cancer Stage 4 for all the wrong reasons.

When she diagnosed herself she went to her older sister for advice and ran on a wall. It will be okay after a while she told her..

She went to her mother only to find her mother devastated on the thought of having her daughter operated. The will bear the scar for a lifetime. Her womanhood will be destroyed. No one will marry her afterwards was what the mother was most concerned about.

She took her daughter to local healers who only made the condition worse. An year later she had to be hospitalized for a complete removal of her breast and her left arm.

All because of a taboo

Rahul Yadav the founder of Yodhaan, a breast cancer activist who runs a support group for those who suffer the problem and himself a cancer survivor narrates the tragic story and share valuable advice.

Dikshi auntie hosts the episode. Have a listen



– Image credit: Hindustan Times



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