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The Days for Atmanirbharta are Over Dost!

So, the 1920s called, they want their pandemic back. Looks like 2020 isn’t willing to give that up anytime soon! Hasn’t the world come to a stand still? Like you are on a traffic signal, sitting there in your car, just waiting to hit the race as soon as the light turns green? (If you […]

Oompaa Loompaa! Uncle Introduces New Time Slots!

Here at StayUncle, we keep doing new things. Simply because we love you. You, the young lover, the kinky Indian, the experimental badass… yes we are talking about you! Far too many times we would hear couples say… “but Uncle we have to check out in 5 hours!” “She has to go home on time…” […]

StayUncle launching gay couple friendly hotel booking pan India

You know how Indians are during weddings and parties right? They jump, they roll, they bounce, they scatter every single limb around, twisting their necks wondering how the heck their bodies stay together. In other words, they celebrate wholeheartedly. That’s how we tend to celebrate things here at StayUncle as well When Section 377 got abolished, we […]

StayUncle sending a couple to a dream weekend in Bali

In Uncle you met? Then tell us exactly how it happened and we may send you all the way to Bali? In celebration of 3 years of StayUncle and helping thousands of local ID couples in India get privacy with no questions asked, we are launching an Instagram contest. We are excited to help a […]

Surprise surprise – StayUncle announcing Pay at hotel

Wait wait.. Can you tell me about that issue again? Why would you insist on paying at the hotel when you have tons of online payment options available whenever you want to make a StayUncle booking? It’s because… Bhaaaaaaaaaaahahahhaaaaaaaa Sorry sorry. I just couldn’t hold myself. But I promise I will be serious this time. […]

Introducing StayUncle hotels with bubbly bathtubs

You asked for it… We obliged! Here comes another feature of StayUncle couples for hotels.. Sorry, I meant Hotels for Couples, that we will not disclose to our parents anytime soon Hotel rooms with bubbly bathtub attached. Seriously, Blaze uncle? Didn’t you ask me that already? Yes, 100% serious-ly. And show some commitment, na? Be […]

Would you like a chocolate alongside your hotel room?

When I was into second grade, my teacher asked me Blazey, what would you like to have in your Christmas gift? A condom, I said The teacher went pale. Few other kiddos giggled but most didn’t get what I said. Towards the end of the day she escorted me to the principal’s office The next […]