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How to get Rs 1000 StayUncle credit using these 2 tricks

It sounded unbelievable Bunch of friends told you about StayUncle. The pressure to try it for yourself was too great. It finally happened. You have visited a StayUncle couple friendly hotel for the first time. Your friends were right. It was indeed amazing. Your love partner never felt happier before. You are the hero. This […]

The truth about the ransomware attacks in India

Dostos and all horny couples across Bharata I didn’t see that something like this could start killing us Over the last two days very less people decided to book a couple friendly room in order to have babies, study anathomy together or read sharyaz to each other We were concerned. Never before such scenario occurred […]

Our 10,000th couple just got laid

In the midst of all the things around launching the new StayUncle portal, we practically forgot: StayUncle crossed 10,000 couple friendly hotel bookings. It happened last month in fact. I am late with the announcement, I know. I am a devout fan of old Indian mythology and especially the stories which tell how it used […]

It feels like a family

We have reached far. And Wide. From non existing entity to $1.5 million sales runway annually. All within 7 months of launch. National media spoke about us. International too Of a startup changing an entire culture Of a company forming a movement Of a set of people entrusted with an extraordinary task Helping Indian youth […]