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Ye Single friend itna gyani kaise hota hai?

                                                  Every group has one single friend who hands out the best relationship advice. You go to them to rant, to whine, to overshare and when you just want to be heard. And they, in turn, are able to provide you with gems of relationship advice.  But, aise kaise? Be it emotional, financial or morning motion […]


Do you know the feeling? When your entire being shrinks to the size of a pea; your memories retreat from the edges of your body until the very essence of you is neatly packaged and tucked away; you begin to dissociate from your physical self. It’s the feeling that follows when someone discards your personhood and […]

The divorce of Dikshi auntie

Where are all the heroes gone, someone asked? They are all around us. They may no longer wear masks capes. Which makes them even more special We have a hero here today. Someone you  know well. Someone who has gone through a tragic period in life and now for the first time on a public […]

If I flirt it doesn’t mean I am ready for sex

  Things started off simple enough, there was music, I was looking good, drinks were flowing, and people were mingling. The pub we went to was known for it’s vibrant, friendly atmosphere, and once the actual party was over, the after-party began. The only people present were club regulars – people in the in crowd, […]

Bruh, girls get friend-zones too. And it sucks :(

We’ve all heard of the friend zone; it’s the frozen tundra of the social world where men unite in their inability to get laid. More dangerous than Bermuda triangle, more difficult to get out of than a maximum security prison. Yes, that’s the friend zone. It’s the one thing every guy dreads but ultimately end […]

An Open Letter to my far away Love

Dear long distance lover, I found pieces of me that had been missing ever since you left. Remember that sunny day when I was waiting for you at the metro station and kept my eyes on the exit gate. They were searching for you in that over growing crowd as if I lost something precious […]