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We already used StayUncle twice

The perfect option with a no questions asked motto. We have used your service twice and never returned unsatisfied *wink*. Delhi and Baroda, both experiences were super awesome. Delhi was a more budget friendly hotel. At Baroda we decided to up our choice in terms of hotel category and I must say we didn’t regret […]

Why did Shreya gave-in to the sexual desires of Ritesh?

“No, not today! I am not comfortable. I am tired and need some rest.” .. pleaded Shreya.” You do this to me every time. Come on! It’s been quite a while.” insisted Ritesh. Ritesh was visibly upset. Shreya, as usual gave into his willingness forgetting her own. Why do you want to write this Nidhi […]

The story of Suzan, a rape victim from Kolkata

A guest story by Max Galstaun, a senior citizen, activist and admin of the Liberal Indian Facebook group In India a rape victim is raped by the system multiple times : The true inside story of Suzette Jordan, the Park Street Rape Victim. My life has been touched by so many people, many interesting  people […]