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My First Time With StayUncle

It had been almost a month now that we had started dating. We both knew we were serious about each other. And yes, we did want to get intimate. I wanted to hold her. Have her head rest upon my chest with her arms around me as we both slept. We were in that zone […]

Your Masculinity Is Making You An Asshole

She had just broken up with her boyfriend, who was the roommate of my best bud. I remember the first time I saw her, I out rightly confessed, in private of course, how smitten I was with her, how I couldn’t stop myself from being attracted to her. I knew she wasn’t available and was […]

I dropped my Oyo booking and rushed for Uncle. Here is why!

Story submitted by a StayUncle guest Meeting a “girl” friend has been the biggest anathema ever. They aren’t safe anywhere. I was having the same scared feeling and was worried as it was my first time. On April 17th, 2017 me and my friend thought of spending some quality time together and accordingly I booked […]

When the moment came, I called for StayUncle

Article submitted by a StayUncle guest. Image credit: India Today I have been searching for a privacy secured place since December 2015. This kind of place for me would be the one I totally trust as I never ever take any chances. When lovemaking urge stroked hard I first tried an oyo hotel as I […]