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It was my first StayUncle booking and I was dead nervous…

Story submitted by a StayUncle guest First of all, I would like to like to thank StayUncle and Hotel Esteem, Kolkata for giving me the opportunity to spend one of the best quarter-of-a-day. Like everyone else, I was also apprehensive about StayUncle’s promise of helping couples to find some privacy away from prying eyes and […]

My first time in a hotel room with any girl ever

Guest article submitted by a StayUncle guest I needed a place to go to spend some quality time with my girlfriend. This was my first time in a hotel with any girl ever. After going through numerous websites and hotel deals, I wasn’t able to find one that suited my requirements perfectly till I saw […]

The Ultimate battle of the Banana Skin

It feels awkward to explain a sexual encounter which looks like a miniature version of a desi adult film. So it goes like this – its 11 a.m. a pleasant Sunday afternoon, for my friend, let’s say his name is The Man who didn’t pick up the Call. So I am in my home, my […]

My first time in a StayUncle hotel room

Writeup submitted by a guest of StayUncle Here I am, belonging to the ‘log kya kahenge’ society. Someone who unintentionally, unknowingly, uncontrollably fell in love with a girl not considering the caste and religion. We had been in a relation from a year but we surely needed some privacy for ourselves. It was scary and […]

Not a coming out tale

Dhrubo Jyoti is a Delhi based journalist. The story got originally published here.  I have never come out. I have fended off an endless stream of questions from friends and colleagues, had two terse conversations and endless vague text exchanges with my mother, and responded to questioning glances from strangers. I have memories of feeling […]