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Sex Toys And A Brave New World

 “Uncleeeeee we just love the blindfolds you gave in the kits and guess what, we didn’t use it just on the eyes!” A couple called up StayUncle the other day and this is what they said! We know what you mean our darling StayUncle couple! Did you know the oldest sex toy in the world […]

Top Eight Erogenous Zones for Men and Women

Oh, the human body, a wonderful mysterious world of unexpected feelings and sensations! The very fact that the human body orgasms is an amazing thing in itself! Sexual exploration is limitless, and we at StayUncle are always excited in this subject! Not only do we encourage you to think about sex as something that is […]

Five Sexy Blindfold Games To Play

This valentine month StayUncle has gone an extra mile to make your love life more passionate, more tantalizing, more ooohh! More aaaahh! Love is Blind and it has been making people blind since ages. So we decided to take this literally and came up with a phenomenal concept exclusively for this month together with […]

Hiii sexy. Waanna do fraaandship? *creep alert* – Part 1

WARNING: Such creepy comments on her photo will get you a long date with police. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Cheers to the cyber laws for being the real match-maker! If you are a woman living in India, you know that messages like this one by creeps on Facebook are a daily affair. Most of us usually choose to ignore them, […]

Top 5 Hotels in Kolkata for Unmarried Couples

All things nice with sugar and spice, what lies in the head should also lie in the bed. Agreed, that’s a little too much but still, we are all about pushing boundaries now aren’t we. But Uncle you are such a provocateur!! Because why not! What do the unmarried couples do besides swooning at each […]

Top 6 Hotels in Delhi NCR for Unmarried Couples

The unmarried couples have an unreal quest to meet each other. Quite busy in the work-life during weekdays, waiting for the weekend, 5 long days is a struggle. But bigger struggle probes to be something else. When the day for you two to meet finally arrives, you just don’t feel like letting each other go. […]

4 Most Romantic Places in Hyderabad Couples Must Visit

Every once in a while it becomes necessary to take a break from the monotonous life that we all lead. What better than taking this time off from the routine with your partner? However, planning a vacation altogether requires a lot of advance planning and money of course. More or less, since it is only […]

3 Undiscovered Places in Patna Couples Must Visit

Let’s just accept it, the work-life leaves us with little or no time for our beloved, especially if we aren’t staying with them in a live-in or are married. Hence, it is quintessential to rekindle the love between you two. Honestly, traveling to a place is quite tiresome in itself, isn’t it better to appreciate […]