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Best couple friendly hotels in Bangalore

If Delhiites are the undisputed champions of budget, quickie quickie type of couple stay, Mumbaikars declare you their deity if their couple friendly stay  in Mumbai doesn’t burn a hole in their pocket then Bangaloreans surely want to make each of their couple friendly stays more special than their previous one. The good folks in […]

Best couple friendly hotels in Mumbai

Getting hotels for couples in Mumbai turned out easier but hacking couple friendly accommodation for these eager Mumbaikars with local ID proof was a sweaty task. Well not as sweaty as the wet one guy claimed to have gotten from his love one during the middle of his act out of sheer and unforgettable excitement. […]

Top 10 Couple friendly hotels in Delhi

Some of them have the best (post-sex) food as rated by our guests, another make couples double-horny as if the horniest nation in the world can get any hornier than that and yet there are those whose childhood poetic abilities were awoken in one of our couple friendly hotels in Delhi. All sorts of things […]

You may hate us for this – But we are still going to say it!

 – What if Sanchit uncle marries Gemma Massey?  – What if Subramanyan Swami give Samarpam Maiti a handjob  – What if the Pope hit the gym? Here at StayUncle we are known for questioning the status quo. The premise is simple. All things man-made or man-invented can be questioned. Progress follows after the question. Two […]

Tumhare Ghar Mein Maa Behen Nahin Hai Kya

He: Nahin hai Me: Okay then I am all yours. Doesn’t work like that right? Agar nhi hai to kya ? What next? Thus, the statement doesn’t help us in anyway but in reverse it somewhere strengths the patriarchy. Whaaat? *C’mon auntie, stop relating any random shit to your feminism and call it a real […]

The dirty scary little tale of the she-cup.

In the drizzly day with chai and bhutta (not sutta, for a change) the rotating bottle stopped in my direction and I was asked – what is the wildest thing that you ever did? I might have tried doing the Kamasutra positions while doing yoga or would have drunk danced on the streets of Goa […]

Ladies, orgasm anxiety is a real thing.

“I’m not sure. What does it feel like? I just asked my cousin if she orgasmed enough with the guy she’d been dating for over three years now. We’d covered a whole gamut of conversation – in between piles of French fries dressed in ranch dressing, and we’d established the fact that the duo were, […]

Charminar or Eiphel tower? What size is the right penis size?

Being a connoisseur of porn we all have read those lines before getting into real action. Well, the above lines are the exact words printed on ‘Charminar penis enlargement cream’. Really guys, Charminar? I mean c’mon let’s be a little realistic and a bit more creative. And what if I am not satisfied with Charminar’s […]