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Objectifying men: Is that a thing?

Did you see Sallu bhai ki any movie the other day? You didn’t? Shame on you — go peep it immediately. What did you see? He is hawwwt right! Or if you are not a big bhai fan then I can bet that you wouldn’t have missed – Ranveer Singh flaunting his oil-soaked chiseled body in his movies or […]

Sex before marriage? Tauba tauba..

It is not just our parents and Sanskar that lead me to believe in remaining pavitra till my marriage (Well, my fucking hymen decides if I am pure or not?) but also movies like ‘kya kehna’ where Preity Zinta sleeps with her boyfriend once and gets pregnant as if Saif Ali khan is the most […]

Unholy ko HOLI karde..

The white clean suit of mine is all ready to be hit by colorful water balloons and just for the change you can throw semen filled balloons too because this holy we are breaking all the limits of creepiness, right guys? If only it was possible for guys to produce colorful semen, I can’t imagine […]

Where the heck is honor in your honor killings?

Kiski talwaar pe sar rakhu ye bata do mujhe, ishq karna agar khata hai to saza do mujhe.. This is exactly what we don’t want. Where at one side Bollywood teaches us “pyar kiya to darna kya” and the other side it tells us the mode of dying.*irony dude* We Indians fucking love the concept […]

Are you ready for Prem ka Mahautsav?

Rants. I love to rant, and the motive behind this piece is just that. I find Valentine’s week cringe-worthy. I thought it was because I was a lonely single woman, so whatever hatred existed, existed because I was just a jealous soul. But no! I’ve been dating an awesome man for almost 4 years now […]

Chivalry is dead. You can thank feminism for that

“I said hello to a feminist yesterday. The court case is tomorrow “* Auntie Chuckles* Haah, funny right? Not really because to me it sounds like reality. Ladies, Keep your jhandu balm ready because this is going to hurt (ouch!) FEMINISM-There, I dropped the dreaded F-word! I might not sound like a feminazi because that’s […]