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StayUncle launching in Nagpur, the city of jerk-offs

Bharat mata.. Bharat mata kiiii… Mata Jata Bharat… I can’t remember how was it. You know that feeling when something itches you at the tip of your penis and you can’t get it off it? That’s how I feel right now. It’s this close and itchy Mata jaat ki.. Arrey, I give up. Why don’t […]

Introducing Nitish Uncle, a new StayUncle weapon

If StayUncle was a submarine Nitish uncle would have definitely been the most powerful harpoon at our disposal. He is the latest addition to the StayUncle team If I was to describe him in one short phrase that would be – A broken equation. Illogical. Making no sense. For example he calls food, bhojan and […]

Thanks Bollywood.. For teaching me what Love NOT is

If Raj from DDLJ could get Simran of his life then I am pretty sure that my Raj is just a Europe trip away. A big thanks to our Bollywood movies which not only gave us hopes but also taught us the ‘fancy’ way to romance. Most of our population still believes that they will […]