Top 10 Couple friendly hotels in Delhi

Top 10 Couple friendly hotels in Delhi

Some of them have the best (post-sex) food as rated by our guests, another make couples double-horny as if the horniest nation in the world can get any hornier than that and yet there are those whose childhood poetic abilities were awoken in one of our couple friendly hotels in Delhi. All sorts of things happen at StayUncle’s because why not? Giving you the list of best couple friendly hotels in Delhi you can indulge with your partner while being sure there won’t be starry eyes or judgmental questions. Read on..


  1. Hotel Rupam in Karol Bagh
  2. Hotel The Balsons International in East Patel Nagar
  3. Hotel Chanakya Inn in Mahipalpur
  4. Hotel Lotus Palace in CR Park
  5. Hotel Conclave Riviera in Kailash Colony
  6. Hotel Royal Castle Grand in Chitranjan Park 
  7. Hotel Dee Mark and Resorts on NH8 
  8. Hotel The Oakland in Nehru Place
  9. Hotel Cotts Villa in Vasant Kunj
  10. Hotel Excellent in Panchsheel Enclave



Hotel Rupam in Karol Bagh

Here at StayUncle, we share a special relationship with hotel Rupam. It was one of the first ever couple friendly hotel that we added here in New Delhi long long back when we were barely something not to speak of having The Discovery Channel make a documentary on StayUncle. The hotel believed in our vision. The rest is history.


The Balsons International in East Patel Nagar.

There is a funny anecdote regarding this couple friendly hotel in Delhi. Again one of the first ones to ever become a partner of StayUncle. Sanchit uncle needed to have this hotel onboarded this way or another. So he called me to join the meeting with the management. The idiot used me to play on the good old stereotype that if there is a white guy present in the room, that gives more seriousness to the company. And it actually worked.


Hotel Chanakya Inn in Mahipalpur

Choosing a couple friendly hotel in Mahipalpur for this least was heck of a task. We have multiple options and all of them have exceeded couple’s expectation with their non-judgmental attitude, humbleness and professionalism. Chanakya Inn is one of the most highly rated on Every single day, tens of StayUncle clients visit this hotel. Perhaps you should check why.


Hotel Lotus Palace in CR Park

One of the most highly rated StayUncle hotels for couples in South Delhi. Our guests love it because of the awesome bargain between high class rooms and affordable price. Let’s hope it will stay that way. The cleanliness is class above what you are used to. We’ve been there multiple times during our quality controls and have witnessed it time and again. Give it a go, you glittering South Delhi boys and girls.


Hotel Conclave Riviera in Kailash colony.

In case you want to stay somewhere in South Delhi but prefer to be close to a metro station for a quick way in and out, Conclave Riviera is a heaven made match for couples. Those huge beds immediately invite a quick roll on them. I know because I’ve taken a roll on them some time ago. Dude come on, do you need to be with someone to roll on a bed?


Hotel Royal Castle Grand in Chitranjan park

Again a couple friendly hotel in Delhi which have established a tradition and reputation giving the best service to StayUncle couple guests. You know well what do we mean by that –  fast checkin and checkout, flawlessly clean rooms, not a single knock on the door. Slightly on the higher price range but once you step inside the room and look at the awed face of your partner you will see that it is more than worth it.


Hotel Dee Marks and Resort on NH8 highway

Perhaps we should not be saying this and someone will definitely be angry for this but here inside StayUncle we have nicknamed this couple friendly resort – the cheapest luxury resort in Delhi. Another secret – most of our own employee take their partners inside this resort whenever it’s time to have some fun. Okay I have already said too much and should hush right now. Just go and see for yourself.


Hotel The Oakland, Nehru Place

This couple friendly hotel in Delhi often receives review of the type of “it has made my night” and “I became double horny once inside” Not sure how the horniest nation in the world can become double horny, but still there is something about this place. And yes, one of the highest rated in whole NCR for the quality of food. You might want to stop worrying too much and head there with your partner to see for self.


Hotel Cotts Villa in Vasant Kunj

Posh boys and girls or boys and boys or girls and girls or whatever-whatever deserve a posh place for couples, safe and secure perhaps without having too pay too much. Yes, stingy Delhiites we understand you and try to keep all of that at once whenever we can. Cotts Villa is one such result of our bargaining efforts. Affordable price for a truly golden glitter that you will find inside without having to go into a colossal Taj for example.


Hotel Excellent in Panchsheel Enclave

I don’t know why they put such common sounding names for one of the most highly rated hotels for couples in Delhi and the best in Panchsheel Enclave. Perhaps something like “Lovellent” would suite it better? Or “Pyarellent”. Yees, that is definitely closer to it. Ideal rooms for love making adventures, not a single knock even if the world outside crumbles down. Just the StayUncle type.

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