The moment she says – It’s hard to resist but I don’t want your thing IN.

Life is hard when you are trying to beat the clichés of premarital sex life.

It’s even harder when your woman believes in “Only my husband will do it” kind of shit.

I mean what the hell am I doing here, where are we, what am I here to accomplish?

All these thoughts don’t help when you are trying to get over the Erectile Dysfunction thing.

Anyways, let the tragedy begin.

I am standing in a lobby of a Hotel, lets just say its named “We Provide Rooms”.

And this lady who is doing a great job btw pretending to be a Receptionist in charge of “Blaming it on the manager” when the shit hits the fan.

Maybe its a policy or maybe it’s the super intelligent staff of this Hotel who one morning woke up and had this epiphany  – ”Ohh, why not just save the trouble of giving the couples room with Double Bed instead just give them the rooms with single beds joined together, we can make a fortune out of this.

And yes nobody will ever know because we are so intelligently equipped with knowledge of sexual encounters that we can make fool out of people.”

I still took the room with two beds joined together after having that experience before, even after knowing exactly what it feels like.

It feels like shit, it feels like you are the emperor of one bed trying to invade the other one with your shit falling down every time you reach the edge, the middle you dumb. The no mans land.

But none of this matters when the biggest tragedy of all time falls over you and she says,

“its hard to resist but I don’t want your thing IN.”

I don’t know if you are familiar with the word but this moment is the actual, literal meaning of what they call KLPD. I am not going explain what it means ,I mean I don’t want to get censored on a blog, that would be an actual insult.

Being an aspiring film maker I know Pahlaj Nihalani and his ways, and seriously it would be unfair to get this blog post rejected. I am new here, help me out people.

So what do you do now, in this moment, well being a  nice guy (the single beds glued accepting kinda nice guy) I must say it would have been unfair to this friend of mine or even this relationship which is way out of proportions already ,to go out and do something which she just don’t want.

Its her choice to do anything she want, that’s what freedom is all about.

And that’s I must say is the responsibility of a guy to do what gives his woman pleasure not pain.

Even if it’s a No strings attached relationship, she sure has a logical reason or even if she don’t I don’t have the right to ask for anything.

That’s what true sex is all about. You do things in the moment. You don’t force things.

You are a man because of the understanding you have of a woman’s behavior which helps you decide your next move, not by giving her pain which she may regret for the rest of her life.

For the rest it was a 4 hour dry humping scenario on which I will definitely write a book one day when I am feeling depressed and shit.

No matter how much your woman tries to do other things to satisfy you too ,its just not happening ,the satisfaction is in the real deed.

Well and then they say its not just about sex. And that’s exactly what the whole day was about, other things too. Kissing, cuddling, making out in the shower sleeping together,driving down the road in your comfy car.

What does a guy gain from all this – Respect

And the pleasure of saying to himself, I gave a woman a real good time.

And the whole day completed when she messaged me at night and I must quote ,” I had a lot of pleasure and fun today, I want to have it more “

And by  “More”, yeah she don’t mean the journey down the cliff. its a mental state, a state of pleasure and making out with the guy she likes.

 – Image credit: Goa Prism


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