It was my first StayUncle booking and I was dead nervous…

It was my first StayUncle booking and I was dead nervous…

Story submitted by a StayUncle guest

First of all, I would like to like to thank StayUncle and Hotel Esteem, Kolkata for giving me the opportunity to spend one of the best quarter-of-a-day.

Like everyone else, I was also apprehensive about StayUncle’s promise of helping couples to find some privacy away from prying eyes and moral policing rampant nowadays.

After extensive reviews online, I booked a room thinking everything will be smooth and okay.

But soon nervousness gripped us and the next day I cancelled the booking on my girlfriend’s request (yes, I got my refund).

After a few days, again we started to think about trying out the service and this time we took courage and booked a room in Hotel Esteem, Kolkata for 4 April 2017 (10am-7pm slot).

We reached the hotel at 10.30am, entered and I went to the reception, a tad nervous.

The person at the reception welcomed us and I said that we had a booking from StayUncle.

He took a look at our original photo ID and they kept a copy of it. We entered both of our name and address in their logbook and were led into our rooms.

The whole thing took about five minutes and no questions asked.

The room was small but it was really good, neat and clean.

The room had an air-conditioning, ample lights and the bed was king sized.

We switched on the TV, kept it at a standard volume and enjoyed those few hours together like nothing else mattered. There was no disturbance from the hotel’s part at all.

We ordered some food in the room service and the food was delicious too. At 6pm we left. During checkout too, there were no issues and it was swift. We paid the food bill and left.

The reason for this detailed review is to tell all you lovebirds (especially from Kolkata) that StayUncle and hotel Esteem are really true to their commitment of providing a safe, hassle-free stay for couples like us who could get a few hours of real privacy.

So, don’t be nervous. Go on and book a room from StayUncle and breathe in those little moments you and your loved one enjoy together.


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