This valentine month StayUncle has gone an extra mile to make your love life more passionate, more tantalizing, more ooohh! More aaaahh!

Love is Blind and it has been making people blind since ages. So we decided to take this literally and came up with a phenomenal concept exclusively for this month together with This month when you book a StayUncle, you will be in for a bombshell surprise waiting for you in your Lovekit and that is…………. A BLINDFOLD! In this article you will find some ingenious and sexilicious ideas to make the best of these blindies.

1) Blind make out:

The classic and best use of a blindfold is to shut your partner’s eyes and surprise him/ her with every move of yours. When one sense organ is put to rest the other senses spike up and heighten the pleasure game even more. Your partner will not know what to expect and this will bring a chat-pata twist in your love life.

2) Blind Find:

When you are in a closed room with your partner, I suggest don’t miss out on a chance to relive your childhood memories with a kinky kick. Remember Aankh-micholi? Blindfold your partner and he/she has to find you. It will be a very adorable scene to watch your sweetheart chase you like an aimless duckling. Make sure you shower love on them when they succeed in catching you.

3) Blind guess game

This one is hilarious to watch. Blindfold your partner and make them touch different things 😉

Only one rule, they can use only one finger to feel the stuff, not holding allowed. They may be touching the hair on your head and think it to be………. Hmm!!

The one who makes the maximum correct guesses will be crowned the winner.

4) Blind lunch/dinner:

What fun it will be when you have no clue what you are filling your spoon with and you have no idea that the food from your spoon is about to fall. With your eyes shut, your taste buds will work even better. Just be careful not to choke yourself when you are laughing watching your partner feed food to his/ her nose.

5) Blind bondage:

Yes, yes blindfold is meant to cover the eyes, but you won’t get arrested if you use it to tie your partner up for a kinky treat. Fulfil your BDSM fantasies with your blindfold to accentuate the pleasure. The deeper perks of bondage is an increase in understanding and honesty between you both. So take your relationship a level up by bonding over bondage because yeh bandhan toh…pyaar ka bandhan hai! 😉

Oh, and don’t worry about taking it home or someone discovering it from your bag, just turn it into a hairband and no one will know. So what are you waiting for? Half the month is gone already. Book with StayUncle quickly and grab your silky ties!