Talking and all in the StayUncle room is all fine, even bambam time is also fine, but we suggest you use that dirty mind of yours and rather spice it up. Be it sensational or small little things, you should never run out of the activities that you should try out with your partner. So, here is a list of all the things you can do when you are spending alone time with your love.

1. Groom Each Other

What makeup do you find in a woman’s bag?

Lipsticks, blushes, liner, kajal, concealer, compact and much more to maintain the sazz look all day. So, why not put these to some use 😉

Just sit on your partner’s lap and paint him/her pink, red, NUDE, !! If he goes through with it, then reward them! You know what we mean!

2. Couples who poop together stay together

Or we should say couples who stay together poop together. When you are behind the closed doors with your partner, you have seen everything. Pooping, peeing or farting in front of each other will only help you reach higher levels of a more meaningful and deeper relationship. Already attained that level of mess?

Try picking each other’s nose!

3. Water balloon wars

As the famous saying by Gabbar goes, “Holi kab hai?”

With the festival of colours (and water) round the corner, there is no fun in attacking unarmed strangers with the water bombs and guns. Agar himmat hai, get into the washroom with your partner, lock all exits and ATTACK! Followed by gentle caressing sessions because those water bitches/balloons hurt.

4. Give massage to each other

India is the most depressed country of the world. No, not because Indians don’t get enough massages but because there is so much stress, anxiety, so many problems and deadlines in our lives. Amid all this, what would be better than a relaxing massage from your partner accompanied with a soothing playlist. We prefer calling it exploring body anatomy instead!

Next move, go to the Himalayas and take sanyas. Hari Om!

5. YouTube dance lessons

Is there anything cooler than both of you having your own dance steps choreographed?

No no, not the romantic partner dance. Here I am talking about the chikni chamelis and hip hops or something Punjabi, now that’s some masala. So the next party you go to or your next Instagram post would be you both showing your killer coordinated moves and giving the public major couple goals.

6. Spice it up with a toy

Arz kiya hai……

Aunty-uncle, Girl and boy,

Every couple needs a toy.

Toys are not only for kids. They will let you explore the unexplored with your partner and help you ignite the passion. There are myriad websites from where you can purchase toys that appeal to you the most. Go ahead and Khelo India!

7. Play a prank

*evil laugh* Sex and all is cool but mixing soya sauce in sprite and serving it to your partner is ANOTHER feeling. I get that you are in a mature relationship and blah! Blah! But mature people do laugh right?

And there is nothing better than a prank which will give you a chance to laugh at your partner.

8. Draw tattoos

When you can’t get the name of your Dilbar tattooed on yourself because,’ mummy maaregi’, then sketch pen tattoos are the way to go. You plan to sketch them on their arm? How utterly boring! Take it to the next level and paint some stuff on his willy-nilly!

9. Role Play

Why be you every time you both are together, when you can be a superhero or a doctor or a police officer 😉 Go ahead, punish the criminal, or teach a lesson to the disobedient patient 😉 My my, such corrupters we are!

Come on, be brave! Just got for it!