StayUncle launching gay couple friendly hotel booking pan India

You know how Indians are during weddings and parties right?

They jump, they roll, they bounce, they scatter every single limb around, twisting their necks wondering how the heck their bodies stay together.

In other words, they celebrate wholeheartedly.

That’s how we tend to celebrate things here at StayUncle as well

When Section 377 got abolished, we were ecstatic

But no, merely sharing a meme wasn’t enough

Writing a random rant of joy and calling it official StayUncle reaction on the good news wasn’t enough either.


We had to change the very Home page of to make a point

And today we are even launching a dedicated filter for those love birdies who are only looking for  gay friendly friendly hotels in India

We called it – The Same sex couple friendly booking

How witty of us, right?

Section 377 is scrapped. But the cultural shift will still take some time.

Not all hotels who used to accept hetero couples will automatically be okay with accepting homosexual couples as well

We needed to double check and be double sure and double-double on the double-double part about which hotels are ready to immediately start accepting same sex couples.

What can you expect as a same sex couple once inside any of StayUncle’s gay couple friendly hotels?

(A photo of Subramaniyam Swami on the wall to throw darts at? Naah, just kidding.)

You can read this review from our first gay couple that came the very next day after the abolishment of Section 377.

How to find hotels on the StayUncle website that are gay couple friendly?

We made it super easy:

  1. You browse for hotels on the way you normally do
  2. Once you reach the search results page you can scroll down to the Filters tab. Inside you will find a toggle which once activated will display only the gay friendly hotels.
  3. The gay friendly hotels will have a rainbow heart mark

How convenient, eehm?

gay couple hotels india


Will there be any judgement?


When it comes to couple our hotels will never discriminate between a homo and hetero couples.

You will be warmly welcomed as StayUncle guests with privacy assured and no questions asked of any sort.

Of course the same obligations apply – you both have to carry your valid ID proof and you both have to be of minimum 18 years of age.

But aren’t two people of the same sex already able to book any hotel without any obstacles? Why is StayUncle required?

Dude, what are you saying? Remember when we first started serving couples… Couples were already able to book a hotel without us.

But there are so many nuances which matter during your stay as a couple such as guaranteed non-interruptions, fast checkin and checkout, no questions asked, someone to rely on in case support is needed.

Well, same is the case with same sex couples. Judgement can and will arise, sudden knocks on the door, improper treatment by the hotel staff and all sorts of other embarrassing situation Being a couple in India largely remains pain in the ass (pun not intended) irrespective whether you are homosexual or heterosexual couple. But as a StayUncle guest, with StayUncle booking confirmation you get a guarantee that you will not face such risks.

That’s what StayUncle is about and that’s what we are best at.

StayUncle, you are amazing

Oh yes, we know. You are lovely too, you know. Now it’s time to be naughty.. Just go!!


— Blaze uncle out

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