Bruh, girls get friend-zones too. And it sucks :(

We’ve all heard of the friend zone; it’s the frozen tundra of the social world where men unite in their inability to get laid.

More dangerous than Bermuda triangle, more difficult to get out of than a maximum security prison.

Yes, that’s the friend zone.

It’s the one thing every guy dreads but ultimately end up entering at least once in his life.

Guys claim themselves to be the victim of friend zone but, dude kindly give it a rest.

Remember, when you bro-zoned one of your female friend saying-“Are tu to bhai hai apna”. Bro-zone is a place where girls are not expected to tie Rakhi but, follow all the bro codes strictly.

Even Google and Quora do not have answers for a friend-zoned girl. As if the world was not delusional enough, they too dismiss the existence of a girl in friend-zone.

If I fail to make you believe that ‘GIRLS DO GET FRIENDZONED’, I bet Taylor Swift will:


“She wears high heels
 I wear sneakers
                She’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers
                 Dreaming about the day when you wake up
      And find that what you’re looking for has been here the whole time”


Did you catch up with these lyrics?

Am I the only one or can you also imagine kajol singing those lines for Shah Rukh in “kuch kuch hota hai”.

Rahul realized his love for Anjali only after she ditched her tomboyish look for gorgeous traditional look. So, is makeover an escape to this zone?

I think I need to stop being cute, it’s time to be hot!

These over chubby cheeks of mine are coming in the way of getting a boyfriend, maybe they remind him of his lovely sister! Arrgh.

Yes, yes, we totally get the point that we are very nice for you.

From helping you sort your shit out to getting your life organized and you can totally fall back on us in time of need.

But when it comes to love, it is not us but someone just like us?  What exactly are you smoking man?

Since none of us have ‘just friends’ tattooed over our foreheads, one of the few ways through which you can figure out whether you have been bro zoned is- when he always sees you in sweatpants (not your yoga pants). You’ve subconsciously realized the inability to appear sexual to him, so you figure, “What the hell?”

You’ve surpassed the beginning stages of seduction and landed straight in the old-married-couple stage where attraction is slowly dwindling.

Are you his late night beer partner? If yes, then you are no more a sweetheart to him. You are his bro dude! He greets you with a fist pump, a high-five or a shoulder punch.

Believe me, no romance has started with a high-five. EVER!

If he never gets that “I’m going to kiss you in the rain” look in his eye or if he only wants to hang out during group games, chances are, he’s not interested.

You would find thousands of helpful links to help a friend-zoned guy but rarely a single piece to help the poor hot girl. *crying our eyes out*

Being bro-zoned is not that always a bad place to hang out.

Some women enjoy the bro zone, preferring male companionship to female .

The friend zone comes with many benefits you would not otherwise be able to access if you were romantically involved.

It might be a different relationship that you imagined, but it’s no less than a consolation prize as now you have someone to be gross with.

Wear what you want. Shower if you want to shower and save the makeup for his other hot friends.

You can’t talk, fight or seduce your way out of the friend zone; you have to appreciate your friendship for what it is.

And if someday it becomes something else, well, better late than never.

Slow burn or no burn, it’s win-win either way. You still have your buddy!


Image credit: The Ladies Finger

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