And then He said-“I love you but, I can’t marry you”

In India, we fall in love in the most classy way.

Before the world asks-“ye rishta kya kehlata hai”, we tend to take our relationship to the next level of marriage.

But instead of asking the girl-“mujhse shadi karogi”, most of the guys end up saying:

I love you but, I can’t marry you.

This winds up the entire journey of baby, babu, shona, ultimately both of them end up marrying strangers.

This happens not because one did not love enough but because in India marriage is just not that simple.

“Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. They get married.

In India there are few more steps.

Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. Boy’s family has to love girl. Girl’s family has to love boy.

Girl’s family has to love boy’s family and boy’s family has to love girl’s family”

Now if some love is left between the two, they marry and we call it a love marriage.

I am not at all a fan of Chetan Bhagat but I read 2 states twice, just to find out the escape to this crisis

By the way, do you all know what the best part in ‘2 States’ was?

It was in the end when the nurse asks Krish about which state his twins would belong (as he belonged to Punjab and his wife to Tamil Nadu) and he answers her that they would belong to a state called INDIA.

Don’t we all belong to INDIA indeed? 

Maybe now I know why he still remains the best seller of our country.

His story takes birth in a small-middle class family which faces all sorts of struggles .We can feel the pain because we have felt the same at some point or the other.

Struggles include, pressure of being scholar, getting admission into prestigious college, dating that lovely girl and then finally falling in love.

Mind you, the struggle is not over yet. The above stated matrimonial process needs to be followed to marry your loved one.

Fairy tales never included real life issues.

My life would not have been such a lie if my grandma would have narrated the Indian version of the beauty and the beast.

Once my grandma narrated me a bed time story and it ended like:

“The prince and the princess lived happily ever after”

“What if she loved the peasant?” I asked

Grandma hesitated,

“That’s tricky even in fairy tales.”

We do not always get to hold onto the love of our lives, because in the real world, love doesn’t conquer all.

It doesn’t resolve irreparable differences; it doesn’t triumph over stereotypes of society, and it doesn’t bridge religious rifts or save us from ourselves when we’re corrupted.

I belong to an educated family thus, I am allowed to fall in love with anyone and get married.

The word ‘anyone’ includes Rajputs only. Now I only stalk Rajput guys on Facebook and my all previous boyfriends were Rajput because my freedom of choice starts with my caste and ends on it.

When people from Hollywood are busy falling in love with vampires and werewolves, folks here in India are not allowed to fall in love with humans from different states.

Although they all share the same set of 46 chromosomes (Stephenie Meyer told us that vampires have 50 and werewolves 48), they just can’t fall in love.

If they do, that is not at all good for their lives, and I really do mean LIVES here.

Although I won’t mind falling for a vampire or a werewolf too. If only I was allowed to do so…

Don’t you think if only people are allowed to marry outside their region the hate crimes would only decrease?

If a Marathi boy got married to a Bihari girl, she would never be called an outsider in Mumbai?

Caste issues are prevailing in India and have always been but would you take it as a defense for not standing up for your love.

Will you just let her go only because she is Brahmin and you are not?

Being victim of casteism won’t substitute for your cowardly attitude.

C’mon dude, have faith in your love.

Let your parents know that you have grown up.

They still think that you need everything on plate thus, they are ready to serve you a combo of sundar-sushil-sanskari girl.

Tell them that you are not interested in combo offers because you found your miss perfect.

Introduce her to your family and give them time to accept her.

Just remember one thing-your parents always want to see you happy and they are not “pyaar ka dushman”.

It’s just hard for them to digest the fact that you have actually grown up to make your own decisions.

In short you fired them from their job which they have been doing from past 27 year and it hurts.

Ultimately it’s not about making a choice –love or family?

It is about taking a stand for your love.


–Image credit: The Indian express

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