If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”

Before you begin to laugh at my hopeless-romanticism, yes, I do believe that it’s still possible that two people can be completely in love with one another.

“Oh man, I think he is the one!”

Remember Pehli Nazar vala pyar?

When we stumble across someone new, and whether it is the first words exchanged or the initial “I’ve got my eyes on you” approach, sparks starts flying high.

You get the nervous laughing going on, a weird flutter in your stomach.

You feel the fireworks exploding down your spine and then of course the adrenaline rush.

Everything goes great, and conversation is coming more naturally than you anticipated.

But all this while you couldn’t stop fantasizing him without his t-shirt.

Ahh gosh…look at that strongly built body, I wonder what lies underneath?

And at the same time he can’t stop looking at your popping bra strap. The love which was supposed to be by looking into each other eyes lost its integrity the moment eyes fell onto the cleavage.

This lust that take over our conscience, kept under wraps, enters our life as love.

The wrapping seems so delightful that our senses fail to judge.

Sooner or later we realize that the adrenaline rush was actually the rush of testosterone and estrogen which just wants you to get laid.

But then what’s love? Ultimately isn’t it all about sleeping with the hot guy?

People who decide to sleep with same person for the rest of their lives are said to be in ‘love’ and mind you they don’t do sex..they make love!

And the one sleeping with the multiple partners is obviously a slut.

The guy who wants to see his women in the sexiest lingerie is a pervert and the guy who does not demands dirty stuff must be a gentleman.

That’s how we judge right? And wait, this is not the end of our judgmental views.

We even have the power to judge a person’s sexual life by the way they shop.

‘Red bra liya hai, Zaroor koi chakkar hai’. Once I stopped by a lingerie store and was checking out some lacy ones, when suddenly the woman standing next to me asked “boyfriend hai kya?”

Now, do I need a boyfriend as a license to look around the lingerie store?

Can’t I buy them just because it goes with my favorite dress or for a change I am bored of regular undies?

We could have judged in a better way only if we had a hint of what love exactly is. We know the kind of love that Lilly and Marshal shared or what Ted had for Robin. But then In spite of being a lusty man didn’t Barney loved Robin as well?

Somewhere we have gotten all this wrong. Lust is not disgusting and love is not sacred as well. Love gets dirty but with time.

When you have got someone who loves you, what else do you want, right?

Actually, You want passion. Physical chemistry. Satisfaction.

You want a lot more than just love. You want sex. You want great sex. Mind boggling sex.

Sex that makes you go wild. Satisfies your body. Satisfies your soul.

Love is not excluded of lust, they intimately come with the package. When you love someone with all your heart, the Initial nights might be called as ‘love making’ but then later it’s all just sex! Because the fireworks stop poppin’ like they used to.

It’s like ‘Daal Chawal’ for the rest of your life. How about adding more spice to the food. Pepper probably or some lust?

Spicing things up won’t change the fact that you both are madly in love with each other. It will rather take back to your old good ‘love making sessions’.

If getting your ass to Victoria secret and trying in new lingerie helps to revive your love then what’s the harm?

After all lingerie is just the icing on the cake. And what kind of man won’t love his woman “sexily uncovered”?

It’s not dirty, it is wildly beautiful. It is love!

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