Do Indian men really think with their dicks?

While grabbing my last beer bottle of that night, I didn’t realize that meanwhile my cleavage actually attracted a bunch of dick heads who weren’t even looking at me before the “little boob show”.

Although there is nothing wrong in enjoying the little ‘oops moment’ but dude once the show is over, at least stop scanning them for the rest of the time.

The guys who creep me out are the ones who begin their hello by looking down my neck and I am like –“yeah, I get it, that you like staring at those two fleshy balls but upar bhi dekh le mere paas do aankhein bhi hain”

Well, in the world of men, boobs really do make the world go ’round’. It’s just a fact.

So you have a decision to make: spend time around guys that don’t care about breasts (few and far between are those guys), or plan on how to deal with guys that stare at your boobs.

Come up with some lines to embarrass them…. “hello?! up here, teenager!” Something like that will not change the fact but it will surely help you to get out of the awkward situation.

“God gave man a brain and a d*ck, but only enough blood to run one at a time.”

Well, with such experiences even I feel sometimes that- “Kuch logon ka dimag ghutno main hota hai aur Ladko ka uske beech main hai”

But how valid is it? All that said, just because a guy likes to look at your boobs, doesn’t make him a jerk. As long as he can talk about something OTHER than your boobs of course.

Give that guy a chance, maybe two… but third time, get in his face and let him know it’s not acceptable to play with your bum/breasts while having a serious discussion. It’s disrespectful.

Are men really the sex-and-red-lingerie-obsessed maniacs media outlets portray them to be? Or can we give them more credit than that?

The Holy Trinity in a man’s life: Beer, Porn and Action movies. But, one can’t reduce a person to three simple things. It’s unfair to a woman, and it’s unfair to a man.

The idea that men want to just f*ck anything that moves is far less rooted in science than it is in myth. Men are not inept robots whose groins magnetize them in the direction of the nearest lady hole.

Just like women are not always looking to get married right this second, men are not always crazy sex addicts. Both men and women want both sex and emotional intimacy; wanting one does not mutually exclude you from wanting the other. And at the end of the day, what a man does sexually is always a choice.

After all, while it’s insulting to a woman to say that her only purpose in a man’s life is someone with whom to have sex, it’s also insulting to a man to boil his identity down to his animalistic sexual desires and attribute it to his inability to control himself.

Women are not sexual objects, and men are not powerless to their bumbling sexual needs.

In the world full of jerks, we feminist people generalize the entire male community saying-“Sab Tharki hote hain saale”. Although, sometimes I myself use this phrase to take out all my frustration but, guys are lot more than just males with hanging penis because Dil bhi sath main leke chalet hain boss!.

Yes, men want to get physical, but they want to get emotional, too.

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