Introducing StayUncle hotels with bubbly bathtubs

You asked for it…

We obliged!

Here comes another feature of StayUncle couples for hotels.. Sorry, I meant Hotels for Couples, that we will not disclose to our parents anytime soon

Hotel rooms with bubbly bathtub attached.

Seriously, Blaze uncle?

Didnโ€™t you ask me that already? Yes, 100% serious-ly.

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You must be having tons of overflowing questions right now in your mind. Letโ€™s shower some answers.

How does hotel rooms with bubbly bathtubs work?

What do you mean, how does it work. Very simple. You book hotel normally like before and some of the hotel pages will have an option inside to upgrade to a bubbly bathtub room.

If you donโ€™t want things to get wet yet, you can book just a normal room for couples, as usual.

How can I book a room with bathtub attached?

Duper easy.

  • You look for hotels that have the bathtub icon on the bottom right, indicating that it includes the option to upgrade to a bathtub room. You can use the search filter which is available on the search results page in case you only wish to see the hotels with bathtub options include

  • You locate the banner on the hotel description page alongside a button to upgrade. One you press, the additional amount will be added to the final booking amount

rooms for couples

And what does that mean?

It means that a room with a bubbly bathtub inside the bathroom will be waiting for you. Make sure you bring those bikinis in advance.

Why they are only few options of hotels with bathtub available in my city?

Because your city sucks?

Haa.. Just kidding ๐Ÿ˜€

Not all of our hotel partners have bathtub facility.

And not all of those who have, have agreed to launch the feature on straight away.

We are starting this with only those hotels who are ready and enthusiastic about it.

In the upcoming weeks we shall roll out more options with bathtubs. Toda se patience pls

What can we use the bathtub for?

You tell meโ€ฆ

You can make a paper duck and let it float in the water.

You can read sharyaaz to each other.

You can wash your clothes.

You can cuddle.

You can practice under water pranayama. Water is the limitโ€ฆ

Why are we launching this feature?

Because of you.

Because you have asked us for it.

Because your mind is kinky, not ours, and I am so going to complain to my mother about you.

Because so many couples like it wet.

Because why not?

— Blaze uncle out

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