Taking a stand against honor killings. Introducing the StayUncle Safe house

There is no StayUncle without couples

And StayUncle shall not rest till every single couple in India is given a chance to love.

We’ve served tens of thousands of couples across 40 Indian cities. Yet there is tons of work left.

While things appear less gloomy in the urban Indian city, such is not the case in the smaller town, where couples face live threatening situation just for being in love.

Are we doing all we can? All we can for every single couple of India?

When Divya auntie submitted her article on honor killing in India, I know this was the sign I was waiting for.

We are appalled to know that even in the 21st century there are couples who still go through such nightmares. Our desire to do something for them is overwhelming.

True, we are still not strong enough to extend our service in smaller towns in India where couples face countless of problems.

True, some things take time.

But while things take time, honor killings in India is still a daily affair. Couples suffer by the hour.

And looking over the shoulder hoping that someone else will do something, will not work. This is not a dream. This is not the world after a glass of bhaang. This is the real world. And it’s shitty.

If we cannot extend a helping hand for all couples, we can still do so, for some.

Introducing the StayUncle Safe House – a StayUncle initiative intended to shelter and reintegrate couples which experience severe forms of moral harassments or even life threatening circumstances.

How it will work

  • Couples who fulfill the eligibility criteria above can apply for the free shelter via this link
  • Our team will review the applications
  • Our team will reach out to the contact person for further talks
  • Final call will be made within 10 days of submitting the application

What are the eligibility criteria?

All couple-applicants will pass through a details screening process. Only some of the couples will be invited and given free temporary shelter in the local StayUncle safe house.

  • Minimum age of 19 years old for both the partners
  • Place of origin/living – Tier 3 cities and smaller towns

What sort of help will the couple obtain from StayUncle?

  • 15 days of free accommodation with basic amenities provided
  • Free sessions with a psychologist who will help couples mitigate the crisis and advise them on the best future course.
  • Assistance in obtaining a job for one of the partners or both. Experience has proven times and again that when one earns money in his pocket, many problems become solvable.

Will this not pose some legal issues?

Not at all. As per the Indian constitution a person becomes a legal adult after the age of 18.

Legal adult means that the person is considered responsible for his own action and is of the right judgement to make decisions pertaining to his basic rights and well-being.

How would you prevent abuse of this facility?

Every applicant couple will go through a rigorous screening process. We shall explore the couple’s case and circumstances in details before we extend an invitation.

The location of the StayUncle safe house will not be disclosed to the couple until the couple is fully ready to relocate and the background check has been dutifully completed.

Once sheltered, the couple will be helped by the house assistant after which few voluntary sessions will follow with our designated psychologist and career adviser to help the couple stand on their feet and set their priorities right.

Help us push this news to the most remote village of India. Help us save another couple and integrate it as a contributing member to the society.

If you know someone who fits the picture and the conditions mentioned above, forward this form and tell them to apply.


— Image credit: Youthkiawaaz.


  • harsha

    A needed one to India. I welcome it also expecting further more such activities needs to be implemented overall India. Also kindly share the name of the cities so that people from the respected cities will feel more comfortable even before applying for this. #GoGoStayUncle##RockForever

    • blaze uncle

      Thank you so much for the encouragement. We really need it because this is the first of this type we are doing here at StayUncle. ANd yeah, sharing the list of cities is a great idea.

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