When the moment came, I called for StayUncle

Article submitted by a StayUncle guest. Image credit: India Today

I have been searching for a privacy secured place since December 2015.

This kind of place for me would be the one I totally trust as I never ever take any chances.

When lovemaking urge stroked hard I first tried an oyo hotel as I had heard about it the most.

I being an immature didn’t do an online booking, just went to the hotel didn’t even ask whether I cud bring a girl to my room (no laughs please) and then she was denied entry when she tried coming in.

I went down didn’t try more as I am more a man of honor and don’t like requesting.

Lost my 1.5k.

Also, after the incident I did lot of research. Found many websites like airbnb (these were the sites suggested by Yahoo, Quora at that time).

But all they had were places owned by some individuals and not an organization.Hence, could not be trusted.

I gave up on it and then one day I was at some random hotel of oyo in Kolkata and saw some unmarried couples getting entry. I managed to ask the same for my gf and they allowed. yayy! But we got a lot of bad looks while check in check out.

Also, these hotels can by chance grant permission or may not sometimes. It varies.

Then I heard about StayUncle. And to my surprise all the reviews ratings were really good.

On it’s Home page it said couples need a room not a judgement.

I decided to trust it and StayUncle was worth it.

I ain’t sugaring because as per my knowledge this is the only company that clearly states its views and motives on giving privacy to couples.

I went to the hotel I booked, Geetanjali Residency (it was the cheapest in the list of Kolkata).

My girlfriend still believed we won’t get entry being unmarried. The little glitch was they took half an hour to give us the room.

But after we were in privacy was ensured no looks given. Friendly staff. Room to was nice.

All I can say is StayUncle is what I was waiting for. I really hope it will be a hit.

All the best to u guys. Keep up the super good work.

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