He was a heartbroken Uncle.. Here is what StayUncle had to say to him…

A guest of ours sent me this few days ago

She was my girlfriend for 4 years and we have been making love to all extremes.

She got married in November, and 15 days before her marriage we made love full day through StayUncle room.

It was our first meeting after her marriage and confirmed to meet.

That’s when I booked the room just one day before. But she chickened out 18 hours before we met.

Just the night before, she was compelling me to come to her town and forced me to book air tickets, stay uncle room booking, etc. Then why all of a sudden, next afternoon she just said …don’t come, I won’t be able to meet u…

Now I feel she has forgotten me forever, and that I have been a fool to even think of continuing our relation after her marriage, although it was her who wanted to keep this physical relation going on.


Is it like this that when you find someone new, u tend to forget the old…


Really don’t know what to do.

Okay dear uncle

I think I understand your pain. But you need to buckle up because it seems that you know very little about how females think.

Let’ start one by one

Is it love just pure sex?

I could not fathom what is in within the Indian people that makes them clinically dissect Love and Sex. Or why having sex is considered as lowly or a matter of taking advantage of someone.

It is entirely other way around

If a girl allows you to sleep with her you can be certain that she has bestowed the greatest gift you can ever obtain from her.

Sex is far more special and intensive experience for girls rather than boys. Which is why the emotional involvement is also higher.

At the same time girls are most instinctive. They are care takers. That cannot isolate one from the other that easily the way men do.

Every choice they make is one which is made in the light of how it will affect others around her.

It sucks having your girlfriend married right in front of your eyes. I’ve had few friends here in India going through the same. They were shattered. They were barely able to emerge back from the experience.

But your lamentation shows how little you understand her.

She came to you that night because that’s how she felt.

She left afterwards because she was already concerned how the next set of stakeholders will be affected by her current action – her new family. Her in-laws.

When a person appears seemingly contradicting it is because she must be going through an enormous turmoil. Far greater than yours.

Your biggest concern is that she left you seemingly so easily. That she has used you and that she didn’t even love you all this time, otherwise she could not have detached herself so easily from you.

Her biggest concern involves her personal need of being with you + the need of the 2 families she is about to bind. Do the math.

You have your own sorrow but also your own self to tackle it without paying attention to anything else

She on the hand has to live with the same type of sorrow plus having to be a dutiful wife, the way the norms of the Indian society demand from her.

While you can still cry yourself to death, she won’t have that luxury.

She will have to be strong and lock everything inside in front of her husband.

No wonder they say that a woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.

Stop lamenting. Instead start dancing.

Celebrate the gift she shared with you, the moments you had with her, the fact that she has opened herself to you and gave you the maximum one being can give to another.

You should consider yourself lucky and look beyond the obvious attachment you have for her.

You’ve been loved. Even if the loved one moves away some day the knowledge of what it feels to be loved will be with you forever.

Wish her light. Wish her strength. Wish her good fortune for she will be thinking about you for a very long time. Wish her peace. Wish her blessings.


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