Mann’ing up to menstruation – the story of the heroic Uncle (Part 1)

Story submitted by a StayUncle guest

It was just another weekend, few chicks and d***s….. (its dudes by the way) were hanging out at one of the popular pubs in the city.

Washing down our not so happened week with booze, finger foods and live music.

To be exact there were five of us. Me, Singleton, Singleina and a couple.

All of us looked like a tick on a fat sheep other than singleina. Her expression spoke as if she was in a parallel universe were she was fighting off nasty aliens (her mom and boss to be precise, I came to know about this later from singleina herself).

Towards the end of the happy hour, when we all were merry down by a glass, her phone rang.

Singleina answered the call and within minutes her expression change from what to ……I don’t know I am a guy.

We guys aren’t even capable of taking hints so please facial expression is Latin to me.

Anyways sensing discomfort she left us and went outside to get privacy. Rest of us, yeah we were slightly bothered but it soon got dissolved in next round of booze.

She returned after quite some time, maybe half an hour I guess.

Her expression said it all, she had lost her war to the aliens.

She came to the table and she gulped down her drink in one go. It was daiquiri I guess, mango flavored.

Within moments after finishing her glass, she charged on the rest of the glasses, bottles or whatever she could lay her hands on the table.

I and singleton, we were on the hardest but that didn’t deter her.

The rest of us were, seeing the sudden developments were too shocked to react.

And it didn’t stop there, she ordered for like five shots.

The shots came and they went, ONE, TWO, …..FIVE all down her throat. She looked like a woman possessed.

Then, the alcohol started kicking in, and eventually our Joan of Arc fell on the table in drunken stupor.

After that it happened.

There was loud shriek from the table behind Singleina.

Two guys who were sitting on that table, just behind Singleina jumped off from their respective chairs as if bombs blew below their ass.

Then lots of curses followed. “Oh fuck”, omg, wtf, shit etc were distinctly audible around us.

Our own Ms Coupleina left her chair and went to investigate the scene. After seeing the development she froze with her hand on her mouth.

She was too shocked to suppress a silent scream. Even a group of waiters had collected at a distance behind her. Like rest they too were frozen.

This all happened within seconds. Realizing the necessity to investigate the cause behind all this frozen people, I unlike my other two perplexed gender types on the same table went to scene.

Singleina was bleeding, to be exact flowing. Here dress was soaked waist down and a small pool of blood had formed around her chair.

She was in her first day of her cycle (she had missed her previous cycle).

Prolonged stress at professional and personal life (mom for 3 months, boss for 4 weeks). The phone call was just a trigger and alcohol did the rest.

Even she had realized what was happening but too drunk to respond. Her expression I could never forget. It was anger, disgust mixed with helplessness and shamefulness. I saw that expression and I don’t know what hit me.

My mind became clear and I knew what exactly had to be done.

(Continues in Part 2)


— Image credit: DW Blogs