Manning up to Menstruation – The story of the heroic uncle (part 3)

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With great power comes great responsibility, and with great stress and booze comes the situation where we were…..A man, a woman and a blood stained commode.

By the time we had moved the mountain to mosses, me and Couplina looked as if we were involved gruesome murder.

After settling her down on the commode, I told Couplina to get into a presentable form so that the cops don’t chase her when she heads out to the pharmacist.

A few wet paper towels later she was all set. As she was leaving she gave me a thumbs up. Till date I am still clueless what was that thumbs up for. Was it for “All the best for what’s going to follow. May you succeed with flying colors.” Or was it for “Thank god I am out for the messiest part. Thanks for saving my ass.” Alas! I will never know.

Though I had displayed great deal of heart in front of my gender types, the cold floor of the washroom had turned my feet cold.

A part of me wanted to wait for couplina.

But that would take too long. All I had to do was to lift up the skirt, roll down the beautiful garment and clean her up. I am saying all this in a romantic manner because I don’t want any reader to think I like gore and nudity, which actually I do.

I told myself that it’s better to get over with this Asap instead of prolonging it. So on went my hands, first the skirt, then the panties. The soaked lingerie was immediately directed towards the bin.

I cleaned up the blood initially with dry paper towels and then rinsed her stained area with water and soap.

In my heart I kept praying that the paper towels mustn’t run out otherwise I would had to resort to toilet rolls.

By the time was done, half of the bin was filled with blood stained dry and wet tissues.

The seconds hand was ticking away. Singleina was muttering away gibberish in her stupor.

During this lull in the battle, like an artist I surveyed my ‘Madonna on the Commode’. She looked perfect, perfect enough to be taken out on the streets and be dropped off at her home. Only her blood stained dress looked out of place. I so wished that I had asked Couplina to get a pair of tees and tracks. But Vinaash kaale Viparit buddhi prevented me.

Couplina’s sense prevailed.

My angel in disguise came with a pack of extra-large sanitary pads, a pair of baby pink tee and black tracks. Oh yes! She also picked up a pair of knickers.

‘You are a savior.”

“Come on compared to you, this was nothing”.

“I am talking about getting spare clothes. By the time you left I realized we couldn’t take her out in her existing attire and it had slipped my mind.” Trying to give her the credit for her unplanned act kindness.

“I don’t know. It just struck my mind you know, a womanly intuition.”

So this shit does work for real. Nothing beats a firsthand experience.

I took a breather as Couplina got busy undressing Singleina. I turned around to give some privacy to them though few minutes back I had been there and seen that.

Still I felt undressing and dressing is an intimate act and violating that is equivalent to violating someone’s…..

“Hey you guys alright?” comes from the other side of the door.

Our knights in shining Armor (readymade part wear does shine at night) had finally reason from their earthly thrones.

To be continued in part 4………

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  • Mallika M

    Damn ! Why so short yaar? I thought u weren’t going to write the third part… You can be a novelist.
    “I am saying all this in a romantic manner because I don’t want any reader to think I like gore and nudity, which actually I do”… Haha,slayed it!

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