Manning up to menstruation – The story of the heroic uncle (part 4)

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“Yes everything’s under control.” I affirmed from inside

“We…we thought it was quite some time since you three left the table…and…. and we thought that if things were….you know.” Yeah homies I am having a ménage a trois. Wanna peep?

“You thought what?” displaying tired irritation.

“Nothing….if you need anything from us, we can be off any help …..” they squeaked.

Their guilt had arrived finally. Though it was already too late and most of the things were nearly done.

“Things are fine….if we need anything….hey can you guys order two sweet lime packed for Singleina? She will require it for the ride home and morning after. Do one thing make it three.”

“She’s leaving?” inquired one of them.

What did you expect? She is going to have another round of drinks and play hooky pokey with you. Absurd!!

“Yeah, its better she gets home. And by the way book an ola or uber for her address.” Spoon-feeding logic to my gender types.

“Yeah we can do that”. They left.

A couple of lifts and tugs and fifteen minutes she was good to go.

This time we moved mosses to the Cab and my gender types chipped in trying to appear concerned in front of the masses. Yeah just like our typical law keepers. Anyways I did my part and I was really satisfied.

The morning after the morning after I received a small “thank you” and “can I call you in the evening?” on WhatsApp.

I said ok, guessing Couplina must have already filled her in with the details.

Later that evening when we spoke, she broke down. Tears didn’t flow out of shame or guilt. They were due to gaining a person’s trust, faith and respect that too at a very intimate level. An unbiased connection.

And this happened because during a critical time I didn’t discriminate her on the basis of a natural sexual process.

Many of those who are reading this are or were in a relationship. I wish to know how many of them have got intimate or had sex during menstruation. At least on the third or the fourth day of the cycle.

How many?

To be continued in Part 5 ….

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