I am a married guy and she was 10 years younger than me. Here is my StayUncle love story

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Here am I sharing my personal experience with Stay Uncle and all people out there who, at some point in their life, wish they had a place to spend some time with their crush, beloved etc without having to worry about privacy and hassles of our society.

I am a married guy and I met a beautiful hot girl who wanted to know better (Wink Wink). She was at least 10 years younger than me. Don’t tell my wife.

We connected and had this instant chemistry between us which neither of us wanted to go astray or wasted.

We decided to meet and I was wondering what to do and where to go. Fortunately for me I had read about Stay Uncle and I knew I had to approach Uncle for assistance. 🙂

Uncle was extremely efficient in helping me book a room under 2 mins and under Rs 2000!!!

What else could a guy want. Fast, friendly, confidential, secure and easily available room to spend some quality time with a girl I wanted to be with.

Both of us met at a location. I picked her up and drove to the hotel we had booked. Parked my car in front of the hotel and walked to the reception.

Room was awaiting us and it took 2 mins for us to check in. The room was clean and we had some exciting and rocking time in the safe, clean and secure environment without having to worry about prying eyes, hassles and concerns.

Once we were ready to leave, we went to the check out desk and handed over the keys and voila that’s it.

No dramas no fuss and no headaches but an awesome and amazing experience with the help of Stay Uncle.

God Bless you Uncle for providing the men and women of this country a much need service and bringing respite.

I love you! I promise to keep coming back for your services again and over again.


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