Manning Upto Menstruation: The story of the heroic uncle (part 5)

How many?

Nearly Nil….. Yes exactly those many number of people have got intimate or had sex during menstruation.

“Are you f**king out of your Nuts?”

( I suffer from BIB syndrome, brain in balls)

If that was the first expression that came into your mind after listening to my query, I ain’t surprised.

Menstruation is a process which as natural as you and me having a running Nose or loosies.

But when a girl is brought up in our society, it is hammered into her mind and heart that this monthly affair is something which is unclean and one must feel ashamed off.

In most of the households where the hands of a clock tick in the reverse direction, womenfolk are treated as an outcast during these five days.

What is worst that this process of menstruation gets celebrated annually!!”

In Kamakhya temple there’s a weeklong festival called Ambuwachi which is held annually. It celebrates the bleeding of the goddess.

I mean what level of insane hypocrisy is this. For God, it’s a festival and for human, it’s a shame.

Menstruation as much as it is physiological is also emotional or psychological. And the emotional aspect varies from woman to woman.

Some of them isolate themselves with Netflix and loads of ice cream, some hibernate among their sheets and some crave for continuous coitus. And I am not even talking about the mood swings, cramps and backaches.

So next time you see a woman around you who ain’t in her usual self,

Alas we aren’t sensitized to these issues when we are brought up especially us the menfolk.

Even those who have been are equally clueless. So guys take a cue from PadMan,(No he isn’t Akshay, he is ____ ; that’s for you to find out) and do a tad bit research on this monthly “Jagraata”  which your partner, girlfriend, sister, wife, friend goes through.

“And I envy those gents,

Whose Dame’ Amoures yearn

In those Catamenic moments

A bit lovin’

A bit touchin’

And a lot Coital Couplin’. “

Trust me on this guys, you deliver between the sheets on these five odd days, rest assured your relationship becomes stronger than Marvel Comic’s Vibranium.

Next Thought “Is it easy?”

My answer is it’s neither difficult, only one requires to develop a taste and an experimenting bent of Mind.

Luckily my profession has exposed me to culinary delights that were uncooked and bloody in the literal sense.

Women who desire physical touch during periods can be broadly categorized into two categories. Ones who love cuddling, spooning and the others who want it “Wham!! Bam!! And continue Man.” In most of the cases the former culminates with the latter.

“It’s the dirtiest and the hottest sex literally and meta-erotically, one will experience, even with rubber on.”

And no word’s for those who can do it bareback. I will be uploading my detailed manual on sex during periods shortly. It’s called “Catamenial Coitus”.

I guess many of my gender types have already made up their mind and resolve in their b**ls, to give it a shot.

But wait!! Is your Dame Amoures ready? Her body and mind might is on the verge of Carnal Explosion. Alas!! The draconian dogmas make the majority question their own desires….sighh.

That gets us to the next question…..

“How to get her open and comfortable to this idea?”

……to be continued

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