Is it a bird? An Airplane? A penis? The new StayUncle logo explained

Ok, dearest dosts.

I knew you are horny.

I didn’t know you are THAT horny!

If you stick your buds close to us you may have noticed that we changed our company logo. Slowly and silently without too much fanfare.

We took good 2 months to decide on all the options that were served to us. It’s logo you people. It’s way easier to pick your love partner these days.

We thought and we pondered and we sketched and sketched and sketched.

Finally an “option” unveiled itself.

We got it.

This must be it.

It tickles all the boxes.

It keeps our essence embedded within. A logo where Uncle will live. And thrive.

Why did we choose this particular one from all the unlimited options out there?

First it’s a nice sweet combination of our Initials “S” and “U”.




Second, it resembles a hotel building. After all we are about hotels, right?

 stayuncle logo


And of course, the most important detail. It has to be an extension of the symbol of the good chilaxed Uncle from the village who is non-judgmental and always has a solution to couple’s problems

What is an Indian uncle from the village without his trademark mustache? Take them away and the uncle is no more.



OK, this uncle is not exactly that old, but at least he looks virile and jolly. That’s the point, na?

Bottom line, we wanted to have a symbol that will embed the image of Uncle we’ve so diligently been building over time plus one we that we will proudly show to our mothers

I was about to show our new logo to my mother.  But then you people started:

Wait what?

Are my eyes serving me properly?

I’ve just explained the logic behind this logo and why it is the most logical choice for StayUncle, the brand.

And all you were able to see in it is PENIS?

How can you  people see a penis in this innocent symbol?

This logo is supposed to serve is in the next 10 years minimum. It is the logo that will proudly stand erected on top of our own couple friendly hotels in near future.

Do you think we would put a penis on top of a nice plush building?

What’s the thing with penises in this country, anyways?

If you see a penis in our new logo then what I see here is Ranbir Kapoor ejaculating on her…



And don’t make me even started with this land’s infatuation with penises. It’s everywhere

(uuuuuf, you are almost there aren’t you?)

I can think of thousands of examples especially in the entertainment’s industry where the protagonist’s industry definition of dance is flapping his palms between his legs up and down up and down…



Can you feel that, ha? Feel my badtameez dil in fast forward motion, everybody.. For it knocks down there back and forth back and forth. Not in the chest. Didn’t they teach you anything during your biology classes?

Ompaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Lompaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Should I go on? Because I can do this all day.

Oh and I wish it was only in the movies…

Observe every Indian wedding going on in the streets and you shall see the amplified version of the same hand flapping style

That’s right my men…

If you see a penis in our logo then I see penises all over the place. So much penises that I can’t get away from. It’s everywhere.

Therefore let’s just strike a peace agreement you and us, shall we?

You are not seeing penis in our logo. I am not seeing penis nor sexist dancing in the images above. Both of us are just being fooled by our brains. We just need to get a good sleep.

Tomorrow all will be well 🙂


— Blaze uncle out


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