Objectifying men: Is that a thing?

Did you see Sallu bhai ki any movie the other day?

You didn’t? Shame on you — go peep it immediately.

What did you see? He is hawwwt right! Or if you are not a big bhai fan then I can bet that you wouldn’t have missed – Ranveer Singh flaunting his oil-soaked chiseled body in his movies or that famous towel dance of Ranbir.


Dude, I don’t know about you guys but my uterus skips a beat every time when I see those scenes.

Quick questions- How many women felt outraged and disgusted after watching them flaunt their body parts?

How many women would protest that male were being objectified as sexual objects? The answer is –shunya (to be more precise)

What do all these act have in common? “No-shirt-sexy-men” answered my hormones.

But No, the answer is objectification of men.


Men don’t feel offensive when they see perfect jaw lined, 6 pack ab models showing off their tightly fitting boxers to the world … Or do they?

Men are also hurt by self-esteem issues with the unrealistic expectations from the media.

Overstimulated by technology, warped by porn, lacking male role models, bombarded by perfect body images, it’s no surprise that teenage boys struggle as much as girls when it comes to self-image.

By treating men as a piece of meat, we hurt their self image too.

Fun fact- Men feel too *quite a shock for ladies*

For ages, we’ve known that men love women’s underwear ads. But nobody talks the other way round.  I fucking love the bare bodies of men and I assume all the ladies do the same but we don’t say that loud because we call ourselves feminist and according to our self-made definition it means-  hate men!

Bollywood is targeted for successfully objectifying women in movies, by making women actors expose their midriffs, cleavages and legs dancing to music with crude, sexist lyrics.

Most women actors are presented as though they are to be devoured.

Indeed sexual objectification of women runs the advertising industry and has sold thousands of products by effectively dehumanizing women but then till when are we going to cry for women only and oversee the fact that men are being objectified too.

They get objectified but we choose not to talk about it.

We cannot deny the fact that men are objectified in Bollywood, however not as much as women are. Be it a catchy, dance-able item number or a normal scene in the movie.

Bottom line is – objectifying any human body isn’t progress, man or woman.

Sex isn’t everything but it sure causes a large scandal and grabs attention for everyone no matter your gender or age.

We all know women face some unequal treatment, but we as women do not need to help fuel the fire by tearing each other down.

Like what you want and support your ideas but realize that during this time everyone is being sexualized, not just women.

As much as we women want to say, “No, we are the only victims,” men are being portrayed as muscular perfection, which is just as hurtful as the thigh gap craze.

There is more to a person than the way they look, no matter what gender.

Treating men like sex objects, reducing people who are just trying to do their jobs to their genitals, opens the door for it to also happen to women.

When women complain about having their boobs or asses focused on instead of their words or characters, the response will be ‘but look, it happens to men too’.

It shouldn’t happen to men. It shouldn’t happen to anyone. The fact that it is also happening (though on a smaller scale) to men does not make it better, fairer or more acceptable when women are objectified.

If we are all trying to be equal, let’s not drool over Tim Howard but bash Hannah Davis for using her body for fame. She is actually wearing clothing.

The idea of having the “perfect” body affects everyone!

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