Oompaa Loompaa! Uncle Introduces New Time Slots!

Here at StayUncle, we keep doing new things. Simply because we love you.

You, the young lover, the kinky Indian, the experimental badass… yes we are talking about you!

Far too many times we would hear couples say…

“but Uncle we have to check out in 5 hours!”

“She has to go home on time…”

“I can only reach the hotel after work in the evening….”

“We’re college students, we can only bunk and book a room!!”

Well then, if you think your conversations were going one way, you’re wrong. We’ve been listening to you.

So today we are launching two new time slots on the panel! Oompaaa Loompaaaa!!Better believe it!

Why the shorter duration slots?

Because a lot of you book the entire ten hour slot, but don’t end up using it. Feels kind of unfair doesn’t it?

And because you can manage the stay stealthily without disrupting the daily schedule without creating suspicion. Heh Heh. I know right?

Here are the two new time slots!

The Escape Slot

Quite literally as the name suggests, this one is a five hour slot, from 1PM TO 6PM, for all you college students to literally bunk college and book the room, return to your homes on time and keep it smoooooooth!

This slot is also good for working couples, who can take a half day from work and spend the rest of the day with each other. Finish the evening with a dinner date after intense love making. What a wonderful way to plan a day!

Because a lot of you book the entire ten hour slot, but don’t end up using it.

For Those Of You Who Don’t Last Long Slot

First of all, how unfortunate for your woman! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ok I’m kidding!

This is a three hour slot from 6PM to 9PM. It is a perfect slot for working couples, who finish their office and book the StayUncle, enjoy a quickie with each other in more ways than one and go home totally satisfied. What a convenient slot! No balance broken!

Both the slots have been launched today and will be accepted by the hotels on the panel in phases! The slots will be introduced on the website and the app so you can book as per your need.

This doesn’t mean that the original time slots have been scrapped. We know for most of you even ten hours is not enough!! So the original time slots stay as usual.

Awesome haina?

Ready to try out the new slot? Then click here!

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