An Open Letter to my far away Love

Dear long distance lover,

I found pieces of me that had been missing ever since you left.

Remember that sunny day when I was waiting for you at the metro station and kept my eyes on the exit gate.

They were searching for you in that over growing crowd as if I lost something precious in it.

The moment your head popped out of it, I gazed at you with the melancholic music in my heart.

My pulse got high, I was able to feel the adrenaline rushing through my nerves, my each anxious cell sighed in relief ahhhh…there he is, my love!

In spite of this fucking biological chaos, your face alone bought that unusual sense of comfort .

Your mere presence satisfies me in every possible sense.

No heroic act, no background music was ever required to fall in love with your face all over again.

Just a deep stare was enough to drill deep inside my heart.

This scene still sometimes rocks me to sleep because lullabies are not enough to log me off.

You are everything I have ever wanted, and so much more, all wrapped up in a 5-foot-8, straight black hair, light brown-eyed programmer built body, and damn those specs of yours give you the geekiest look.

I don’t know whether it is your calmness or your pure innocence that made me fall for you.

And trust me when I say this: I am falling hard.

All these years apart have made me realize that there are so many layers to you and each time I discover a different one.

We have grown up together; just not always in the same pin code or time zone. So I guess we have years of discoveries lying ahead of us.

I never was the risk taker, I don’t know if you know that.

I was also the biggest skeptic of long distance relationships.

But here I am, and this is where we are. Love is suppose to be delicate and fragile and has to be preserved. But for me love is strong and bold.

Honey, these optimistic thoughts make me feel good when I am low but at the end of the day I still miss you.

It’s true that we don’t have as many moments in the day as we would like.

But I can deal with it (most of the times). Just like you will have to, with me stealing your tees and vests.

In my defense, you forget to put them in the bag; I just ‘accidentally’ sit on them while you pack. I have enough blacks now, get more blues next time.

“Distance was never so long until I met you,

Feelings were never so deep until I felt you

Your breaths, your beats everything is recorded

Your touch, your feel ..ahh!! Emotions overloaded”

FYI, I quoted the above lines from one of the e-mail that I send you every month.

As life tosses the people we love across the ocean, technology brings us closer

I wrote those mails not because I am a writer but because this distance sucks and I can’t hug you and express the same.

Being in the same timezone isn’t exactly helping our case, because we are still on different work schedules – and that tiny 20 minute slot where we both are free to talk to each other?

That is what keeps me going through the day.

My friends never see me talking to you over phone for hours or texting you every detail of the day.

Thus, everybody thinks of our love to be as beautiful as Calm Ocean during sunset.

But only we know, it is rather a hurricane.

I have choked several times while writing this letter, but every time I have, I also told myself that this is for us.

This is our test and we will get through this. I can see that this distance, although painful, has made us stronger and brought us closer.

We have learnt to trust each other and give each other the space we need to be happy as individuals.

Our hugs and kisses have become deeper and more passionate because we know how long we will have to wait for those moments to happen again.

Love for me, has never been enough.

I want oceans to take me and your eyes to meet mine. I want stillness, stars, mountains and sparks.

May the road bruise my feet with you by my side.

Call me selfish darling, but I want the whole world and I want you in it.

The Miles are not strong enough to bring us down and apart. You may not be around so much but you are still the beat in my heart.

P.S –I miss your face

Love always,

Your Not-so-far-away-love


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