If you can open your legs then why not your mouth?

Remember the first time you fell in love?

It was all about secret meetings, the stolen kisses, the sweet nothings and sooner or later love bloomed between her legs.

As the legs started opening wide, you knew that it’s nothing, but love! The day you did not just wanted your “dick to be wet, but aspired for something real.

Something more like love.

Our generation has always seen sex as an extension of the love two people have for each other, a consummating act to prove where our loyalties lie. If she is ready to sleep with you after a span of relationship– Saccha pyaar hai bhai !!

Ahh, what a cute little love story. But, its India dude, so- Shadi kab kar rahe ho?

Don’t you know sex before shadi is paap? Till now your story relates to half of the aashique in our country – pyaar hua, Ikraar hua aur sex bhi hua.. ab aage kya?

If we go according to the prescribed rule book, the girl now has to ask her parents to call her lover for a cup of chai. Because in India, any discussion done over a cup of chai is auspicious.

But the biggest question which even became the topic of research for certain scholars in our country is- how to tell your parents about your love?

‘Pyar kiya to darna kya’, looks perfect as a crispy movie title but the reality is complete opposite.

No matter how old we get, we are never able to take a stand before our parents. We might carry the power to rebel against the world but when it comes to rebelling against our parents, fatt jaati hai!

Although there’s no denying the fact that parents all across the world are caring and loving, Indian parents are a step ahead.

They love us, care for us, nurture us and tell us things that become an integral part of any breakfast/lunch/dinner conversation.

And no matter what part of India you are from, certain things remain universal.

They teach you how falling in love with other caste people counts as a sin. I am a lawyer by profession and I am being paid to argue but arguing with parents is something that I still can’t afford to do.

I fell in love with a non-Brahmin and thus, I am a sinner.

I am surely going to hell but not because I fell for a non- Brahmin but because I kept my bloody mouth shut when required. What’s wrong with us? Why can’t we take a stand for what we want?

I am not asking you to stop being sanaskaari but at least open up your mouth when required.

Love seemed quite a beautiful feeling when you were rolling down with him on your bed last night.

But, the same love felt like a trap when it came to confessing before your parents. Your mouth might choke while speaking up for your love.

Well, I suppose that’s because you can still feel his dick in your mouth from last night *just guessing*

Our Dirty little secrets aren’t suppose to be exposed before our parents but at least be brave enough to express that you have fallen in love and wish to tie the knot.

It’s quite easy to run from the situation by saying- parents nhi maaneinge!

Well, If you were such a bhakt of your parents then, why did you fell in love with a non-Brahmin at the first place?

You love him and he loves you, how hard is it to explain it to your parents?

I can’t assure you of the fact that they will agree to your proposal but then at least you won’t carry the life time bojh.

We’ve all made peace with the fact that our parents are always going to be more conservative than us.

While times are changing, most parents still expect their children to be straight, conventionally good-looking, grand kids-producing individuals.

However, what most parents fail to realize is that the excessive amount of discipline could have been the cause of this emotional distance.

Having a crush meant being scolded, wanting to go for a party with friends came with a strict ‘No’ and dreams of following your passion of art meant endless argument.

Somewhere, strict parents ended up making their children feel like they’ll always be on the wrong side.

When my parent’s never approved of my 6th standard crush then how can I expect them to support my decision of marrying the love of my life?

As a youngster, the biggest service you can do to society is telling YOUR parents they’re wrong.

And man our parents are wrong. They’re wrong a lot.

Let it be an argument, a fight, a standoff, but don’t give up on your love by silently letting your parents be the carriers of stereotypical thoughts.

So, stop preaching online. Look behind your computer screens at the wrinkled little lovable bigot you’re living with. If you love them, tell them they’re wrong. They’re wrong a lot.

Let’s make the world a better place, one parent at a time.

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