Charminar or Eiphel tower? What size is the right penis size?

Being a connoisseur of porn we all have read those lines before getting into real action. Well, the above lines are the exact words printed on ‘Charminar penis enlargement cream’.

Really guys, Charminar?

I mean c’mon let’s be a little realistic and a bit more creative. And what if I am not satisfied with Charminar’s length and expect it to be like Eiffel tower? I am sure there must be another cream out there with that name!

Leaving aside the size of penis, have you seen the size of the women’s mouth who look with the shock, horror and surprise at the direction of crotch?

The facial expressions are so badly designed that you might even get confused – “Are they advertising for larger mouth or penis?”

Charminar cream not only claims to increase your penis, it can do the following as well:

  • Prevent early ejaculation
  • Make your knob more round, big and strong, and thick and long
  • Bring back your lost lovers
  • Attract Business
  • Help pass your interviews and exams

Wow, I’m can’t stop envying guys now and not only does this stuff help with erectile dysfunction, but it can help you sail through school or university, and make you become a multi millionaire in no time by attracting a flood of business.

How dumb one can be to buy such products or rather you are really too lazy to apply your mind and be like – “chalo ye bhi Laga k dekh lete hain, kya pata pass hi ho jaein” .

Social sites are haunted by these ads as if getting a bigger penis will resolve every damn problem on Earth. Haah, wouldn’t it be funny if this could actually turn true-

Me: hey man, so what’s the plan for the day ?

He: I was thinking of getting 10 inches penis, got to save the world man! * Aunty chuckles*

These advertisement claims that they are manhood enlargement creams. So, does that mean that manhood of men lies in their penis?

Well, if that is the case then I would like to advice each men of our country to start rubbing that cream from the day you are born.

Maybe by doing that we could actually start generating real men.( FYI, real men don’t rape, isn’t that our county’s biggest requirement right now?)

Well, do these pills, creams or babaji ki booti really work?

Let me be super clear on that statement: NONE of them will make your dick grow. Not even a quarter of an inch. Even if you take them for a year!

But, what about all those claims in the ads that say: “Add 3 inches to your cock in just 6 weeks”. Since you are capable of reading this article I know you have more intelligence than to believe that.

I mean, we want to believe it. We hope it’s true. Right? It would be super cool if it was true!

But, if any of these so called penis enlargement products, like pills, could make you cock grow 3 inches in 6 weeks. What about 12 weeks? Would your cock be 6 inches longer? Or 12 inches longer in 24 weeks?

These so called “penis enlargement products” may stimulate you sexually. They may make you get harder erections. They may cause you severe prostate problems,… but they do not make your dick grow.

The big question is that are men really that insecure about their penis size? or are they really worried that their size could be a major turn off for women?

The concept of attractiveness is complex in women and penile size is much lower down the list of priorities for us than such issues as a man’s personality and external grooming. *Guys can take their own sweet time to digest this fact

Thus, instead of worrying about their penis sizes, guys should really work on their overall personality because ultimately we women are old school and we still drool for well suited men with charming smile. Uff Christian grey yaad aa gya yaar!

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