What does Queen Lagertha teach us about the true relationship between women and sex?

There is a notion out there unchallenged for decades. Feminists rise and fall yet the notion remained.

The notion that the act of sex is taken different by males and females. That for males it is their nature to spread around their seed and focus on quantity without attachment.

That for woman the act of sex involves heavy emotional investment, that it involves more engagement, that it makes them more dependable.

I was never happy to know that because I hold deep opinion that there is absolutely no difference between man and woman on how they take on sex. The differences that we see are man made, incurred ingrained, educated.

What is so manly about a woman seeking power and rule? What’s womanly about a man crying?

Which is why I find the second episode of the 5th Season of Vikings of such importance.

The episode features Queen Lagertha of Kategat’s discourse with King Harald who is under her custody.

At one point he uses the claim of logic that they should get together you know only because she has no man and he has no woman.

To that she responds in a most unexpected matter. She grabs his genitals, stimulates them, sits on his laps and starts thrusting.

The whole scene till her wild orgasms lasts not more than 10 seconds after which she gets up indifferently and waves him off as if nothing happened.


During those 10 seconds she has shattered a fortress of believes – about how truly dependable a woman is.

The who act is so cold, so animalistic, so casual, almost cruel.

Where was the emotional engagement woman are said to manifest during sex? Where is the dependency? Where is the poetry of this act that filled entire ancient libraries?  There was nothing of that.

She has demonstrated that sex can be yet another random activity just like it is for man, that she can simply get up and walk away after it just like a man can, uncompromised, unscathed, that no power has been taken away from her.

Who needs who in this case? Who is dependable on who?

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