Here is what happens when you book a room as a couple from a normal hotel booking site


But Uncle the prices on other portal are so much more affordable. You are too expensive Uncle. Uncleee aise nahi hoga …

Ok, dear dosts.

We need to get this straight.

You are mistaking things here.

There is a huuuuuuuuuuuuge difference between booking a hotel as a couple and booking a hotel as a traveler.

A traveler is not concerned with many of the things a couple may be

 – For example, a traveler does not feel a big deal in case there is a delay of checkin and having to wait at the reception.

 – A traveler does not get stopped by the hotel during checkout because of a spot on the bed sheet

 – A traveler does not get edgy over a sudden knock on the door

 – A traveler does not get concerned with fast checkin and checkout

Get it?

But things are different when you visit a hotel as a couple. Especially a local ID couple.

– You want fast checkin and checkout

– You don’t want waiting time at the reception.

– You don’t want too many questions being asked.

– You don’t want sudden knocks on the room.

– You want to find a box of condom and some toys in case you decided to make use of them (already working on this one)

Get it?

There is a world of difference lying between the two.

So why then would you book a hotel as a couple from a portal that is traditionally intended for tourists and travellers?

What makes you think that booking a hotel as a Vaishnu Devi yatri and booking a hotel as a local ID couple fall under the same service standards?

Exactly my point.

That’s what StayUncle is all about

When you book a hotel as a couple, you expect the hotel to apply a couple-type level of service, right?

Why would you then go to a hotel booking site offering cheaper option and still expect to be treated as a couple?

That is not what these sites are about. Couples and their minute needs is NOT what these sites are specialized for.

And when it comes to couple stay, so many things are at stake. Unlike entering a hotel as a traveler, entering a hotel as a local ID couple involves huge emotional investment.

What kind of person would play with his partner’s emotional state over few hundred Rupees, you tell me?

What kind of person would risk booking a budget hotel only to hear the receptionist asking – Is she an escort?

Be aware of the risk of booking a hotel room as a couple from a normal traveler hotel booking portal.

Use the service of specialized company for local ID couple accommodation like StayUncle, where safety, security and proper treatment is guaranteed.

— Blaze uncle out

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  • Master Po

    Is using StayUncle for escort services against the company’s policies in any sense? Now I’m aware that booking escorts in India isn’t strictly speaking legal but I don’t see it being any different from two consenting adults with valid proof of age engaging in sexual activity except for the money part.

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