“Uncleeeeee we just love the blindfolds you gave in the kits and guess what, we didn’t use it just on the eyes!” A couple called up StayUncle the other day and this is what they said!

We know what you mean our darling StayUncle couple!

Did you know the oldest sex toy in the world that was found is about twenty six thousand years old! The sexual exploration of the human body has no limits! So whether you use your fingers, or a feather, or a vibrator we can assure you the amount of sexual excitement and fun will be immense!

If you are one of those couples who want to dive into the kinky delicious world of sex toys or want to go solo and don’t know where to begin StayUncle is here to help.


Vibrators – When it comes to toys for women, Vibrators have for long been the holy grail. While most people confused dildos and vibrators because of them looking the same, there’s a lot more that the vibrator can do! It’s in the very name! It vibrates! Quite literally! A vibrator will take you across the entire universe of pleasure dear aunties! Even though scientists are still trying to figure out the magic behind what makes the vibrative stimulation so awesome, we do however know that every woman has her “special” frequency and material of choice. The idea is to go for a more versatile vibrator which has different modes, so you have a choice according to your liking.

“It’s too much,”

G Spot Dildo – A G-spot dildo, is similar to a vibrator and works its magic the same way. But there’s something more that makes it. This comes from its very unique shape. Not only does it have grooves across its length to take even the penetration to the next level, it has a special bent tip aaaand what a feature that is! The tip is designed in a way to directly come in contact with your G spot! Bringing those vibrations to this area is like finding a way into orgasmic nirvana, forget having multiple orgasms, imagine one stretching across eternity.

The Double Trouble – If the above still doesn’t satisfy your bodily or kink hunger, you have what they call a greedy girl vibrator. “It’s too much,” “Complete loss of control over my body;” some women have also said that it is powerful enough to be a near death experience and yet it will definitely make you greedy for it. This is pro territory when it comes to sex toys. It’s a dual shaft vibrator which is shaped in a manner that stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris at the same bloody time! Enough said.


This category is perfect for couples booking a StayUncle! While toys mostly come in handy when the lover isn’t around, there are various sex toys that are specifically designed for use for you and your partner together. In simple words, if a couple enjoys sex and pleasure as a team effort (which it should be!), these sex toys will help you take your sexual comradery to a new level of kink and intimacy.

The Double Appendage Penis Ring – In principle penis rings are like vibrators for men. This ring however has a design that wearing it can work well for both the man and the woman. The ring is shaped in a manner, with an extra protrusion, that makes it come in contact with and stimulates the clitoral area during intercourse. Imagine both of you finishing together! Cosmic orgasms galore!!

Bondage Sets – There’s more to do than just toys when it comes to increasing the kink factor. For ones looking for more of a psychological play, you have the classic bondage set. It is more of an accessory than a toy, fuelled by fetishes rather than batteries. They come in varying sizes and materials, but most are made up of materials like velvet for comfort. Add the optional blind fold too if you’re looking for complete surrender between you and your partner. All depends on your choice of which shade of grey you’re into from all the 50.

Remote Control Vibrators – This diabolically kinky device is usually small in size and can be completely concealed inside and comes with all the options of different vibrating modes and frequencies. So just hand over the remote to your partner and enjoy being at someone else’s whim and mercy. If you have the guts, this can be taken beyond the bedroom too. Try not to go for family functions though!

“Complete loss of control over my body;”


Sex toys have been widely discussed as being confined to pleasures of women in pop culture, but over recent years the gates to other worldly stimulation have opened up for men. Thank god for technological advancements that sex toys for men are no longer a fake pop up window on a porn site.

The Sleeve – This is usually a contraption resembling a vagina. It is fairly easy to use as both the name and the design for it suggest. In terms of the variety that is available, there is the material and resemblance factor. The higher range is usually made up of material that is closer to feeling like skin and are identical to the inner confines of the real deal. Some also come with a container attached at the end for storing, making the act of cleaning much more easy.

The Suction Cups – These are usually sleeves only that are housed inside an external housing. So what makes them different? Depending upon design, most of them allow you to control the level of tightness via simple rotating mechanisms. We know the smile all you men have right now.

The Fleshlight (Stamina Training Unit) – This is indeed the holy grail of sex toys for men. It is by far the most popular and liked product by the mail community. Its entire objective is provide the most “real” feeling, which has no real competition. There’s no need to mention how it looks like or works, as the image of a flashlight is enough. The best part about it is the fact that it doubles up as an exercise and training product. Being akin to an actual vagina, it’s a great practice tool for men to build up their stamina.


A blessing from heaven for those wanting to enjoy and explore penetrative sex without being dependent on a penis. Great for the LGBT community.

While the idea is fairly simple as the name suggests, thanks to capitalism, you are rest-assured of finding variety.

While simple strap-on would feature a dildo, similar in texture and feel to an actual penis; there are other options out there as well that go beyond different sizes.

The most popular one includes exchanging a dildo for a vibrator, and well we know what difference that can cause. T

he mechanism of strapping is a major factor too, there are multi-adjust ones along with the ones specifically made for specific body types – idea being to provide the penetrating partner control over angle and speed.

This is important to make the penetrative experience comfortable and organic for both the partners.


Welcome to the other side! The act of anal sex and stimulation comes with its own rules and kinks, as do the sex toys that are made for it.

The most common toy in the category is the simple butt plug for anal penetration, which are mostly similar in design to anal beads – the second most popular choice.

They are shaped in a manner of increasing thickness. This design is specific for having stimulating rhythmic penetrations and making sure the comfort of the penetrated partner. With that in mind most toys often come up with a complementary pack of lube.

We have already seen how vibrations and sexual stimulation go hand in hand, and so there are numerous anal toys and plugs that come with that very feature, spanning across different speeds and modes. Especially for men finding that right rhythm and size can help them to harness the master technique of delayed orgasms. Woo hoo!!.

There’s a ton of stuff to try out now, so don’t tell us that you’re too shy or he is too shy. The more kinky and experimental you are, the more you discover things about each other.

Now we suggest you book a StayUncle quickly and try out all the fun stuff. It’s okay, you can tell us…just leave out the details!