Breaking news – StayUncle offers clients to book a girl for one night!?

Would you like a Nepali gudiya?

Or a wide Bangladeshi?

How about a snowy Ukranian?

No no, nothing beats the good old desi Bhabhi in bed.

Yum yum.. Getting edgy already?

Jump in and get greasy right here – India’s first and only website where you can book a girl for one night, completely secure and safe with no questions asked.



All well, minus one thing.

The website is a spoof one. A fake website for booking a girl in India for one night stand

Wait wait Blaze, you got me lost. What exactly is happening here?

Here at StayUncle we’ve had the honor to serve thousands of couples by providing them secure and non-judgmental hotels to hangout without having to be married and even with having a local ID proof.

Multiply that number x69… No sorry, by x3 and you will get the number of people who are approaching us on a daily basis pleading us to get them a sex partner alongside a hotel room.

Sex trafficking is a grave crime but nevertheless a growing malady here in India.

Over 20,000 underage girls and women get trafficked across organized sex trafficking chain all over India every year, as per official data. And StayUncle, thanks to our mission often comes at the forefront with this modern day evil.

Therefore we decided to do something to raise awareness about this issue – the StayUncle way.

What we weren’t ready for was the storm that soon followed.

Hours after anonymously announcing the existence of such website, the Twitterati community went on fire.

The #stopwomentrafficking hashtag started trending on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon and accrued over 4,000 interactions. It remained so till late at night.

Heck, even Arnab Goswami tweeted on us. Can someone tell me if that is his real profile btw?



The outrage against the existence of such website was encouraging and it was heartwarming to see how India unanimously stood against this issue.

The very next day. Thomson Reuters, the biggest news wire on the planet informed about the existence of a fake website in India selling girls for one night. The twitter storm soon evolved into a media storm.

It was saddening and at the same time funny to actually witness the numbers that came in. Just 12 hours after the website went live:

  • Over 1,500 single tharkies registered to know more about the service
  • Over 15,000 website visits

Most of the people weren’t able to tell that it was a spoof website besides the subtle cues that we’ve placed all over the site.

I mean just look at the website’s About Us page:

Some of our women have voluntarily signed for the service while others have been procured from remote areas of India such as Assam and West Bengal by trusted brokers and promised big dreams. By procuring them you are helping their dreams in the city come true.

Or this one:

Our line of women is suited for every taste every demand and every pocket – from dirt cheap creamy and village types to refined and polished women with fluent English you will proudly display during your next social event. Every demand and every taste no matter how extravagant is fulfilled with no judgements and no questions asked.

Or the cherry on the top:

As virgin as mojito.

I mean, come on bruh How can she be virgin as mojito in the first place if she is being sold out to a site like this?

To make the website even more convincing and playful we weren’t short on playing the good old local stereotypes (desi Bhabhi anyone) and even placed fake reviews from fake users such as:




We’ve proven our point and by the night we decided to scrap the email registration form and replace it with popup:




Yet, the phone calls didn’t stop coming at us. Oh my god, do you really offer girls as well? I want one.

Once again the customer care team was raving against the marketing team here at StayUncle in a fashion – not agaaain.

After the party lost steam a bit, it was time for us to look under the hood and into those numbers and be the last ones to have a good laugh for the day:

  • The ratio of boy vs girls visiting the website was almost the sameI don’t get it, dear ladies.. What are you doing at a website for booking ladies?
  • Desi Bhabhi was the most sought category of girls on the website. No wonder Savita Bhabhi is having such a good time in India.
  • Out of that category, Rakhi is the definite winner in terms of number of web hits. Everybody seems to love our Rakhi:




Most of the visitors came from Delhi. As usual, Delhi is horny as hell.

But the surprising part was the second city by number of visitors – Lucknow. It is not even a metro city, yet it surpassed Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore too. Another smaller city that tops the list is Patna.


Source: Google analytics data

One possible explanation can be the tight and conservative culture of smaller towns like these which prevents interaction between opposite genders and the entire boyfriend-girlfriend culture.

Surprised? When it comes to India, you shouldn’t be because just few days ago the MP of Bhopal blamed this whole Western infused boyfriend-culture as a primary reason for the growing number of rapes in India.

Incredible India folks 🙂

This move has been a successful one and it has outmatched our expectation. The past 2 days are buzzing with news about this unusual campaign run by a small companies offering love stays to couples.


The focus on the issue we ventured to highlight is back into the mainstream discourse.

Few prominent NGOs working on the issue have invited us to work closely with them to tackle the issue, an invitation we were more than happy to accept.

Who said that the little guy can’t make a difference anyways…


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