You may hate us for this – But we are still going to say it!

 – What if Sanchit uncle marries Gemma Massey?

 – What if Subramanyan Swami give Samarpam Maiti a handjob

 – What if the Pope hit the gym?

Here at StayUncle we are known for questioning the status quo.

The premise is simple. All things man-made or man-invented can be questioned. Progress follows after the question.

Two years ago we questioned why is it that couples can book a room in India only with marriage certificate. That question turned so important that  StayUncle was declared as one of the Top 50 things that happened to India in 2016

What if some of India’s greatest stories had a different twist?

We placed the image below and asked if people would still worship this woman


We did nothing further. Then this happened:

 – Stay in ur limits, after all u r just running a brothel house

 – Do not make fun of our religion

First of all – Dude.. A brothel house? If we ran a brother house we would be running over 900 brother houses at the moment. That would make even Ambani lick my boots.

Second – Where do you see anyone making fun of YOUR religion? What we posted is a single image. And if you claim that every artwork that embeds this color palette concerns your religion, then dude you do have issues.

We are not aware about the author of this painting but we get his point.

He or she draws on a mythological story from the Vaishnava cult featuring Krishna playing with his girl-friends alongside the banks of the Yamuna river. At one point he takes all their clothes while they take a bath in the river. The incident is usually eulogized as part of his Ras Leela or eternal play. The gopis are said to be his staunchest devotees from Gokula Vrindavana who also incarnated on Earth just to be near him.

Have we forgotten that history has nothing to do with some Universal order and more with incidentals events? Why then can’t we ask for different alternatives?

Why then is it such a big deal that the author presented a different twist of a simple incident?

Because despite the evident progress towards better material welfare the pre-dominant patriarchal belief in India still rears its ugly head!?

And here at StayUncle we do have issues with that. We do have issues that every time a couple appears in a shady hotel looking for a room, it’s the girl that is always asked – Are you a prostitute. Not the man.

This is a living proof that oppression against woman is still a VERY REAL THING here in India. In the India of 21st century.

Do you need to be a feminist to be compelled to act on this? Hardly.

We feel the problem is particularly growing in severity the past few years. The comments above and the many others that appeared on our Facebook post came from young English-speaking urban Indians. That’s just plain disappointing.

Fortunately we at StayUncle are too shallow to grief too deeply. Disappointment is Not in Our name.

What we rather prefer is the good old fight. Liberals are often known for leaving vacuums which conservatives don’t waste any time to fill with the old status quo – and with minions who are not taught to keep their religious beliefs in their bedroom and not an ounce further.

StayUncle was and will remain an ambassador of equality for all and stand against such forms of misogyny. No we are not political.  Don’t mistake us for such.

As we said above as long as you keep your morals in your bedroom and don’t use them to actually oppress other human being we are fine with your belief no matter their type.

We’d like to see woman react more towards such instances because this is not a matter of feminism just as the comments above are not a matter of religion but a matter of using religion as an excuse to oppress others. Do not expect a different reality than the one you choose to stand for.

— Blaze uncle out

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