Surprise surprise – StayUncle announcing Pay at hotel

Wait wait.. Can you tell me about that issue again?

Why would you insist on paying at the hotel when you have tons of online payment options available whenever you want to make a StayUncle booking?

It’s because…


Sorry sorry. I just couldn’t hold myself. But I promise I will be serious this time. I promise

You are such a chutya Blaze uncle. Anyways, here is the deal.

I am using my parents card or bank account and I will have to justify every large payment. And being a regular guest of your means that I have to make these justification to my dad very frequently.

So you say that you, the mighty sex machine that you are, is afraid that his daddy will find out about your sweet little adventures and get your ass kicked?

That’s right Blaze uncle


Joke apart dosts. Couples have been coming with this request very often. For months and months.

They said – guys please make it possible for us to Pay at hotel.

I don’t want my parents to find out where I use their card.

And I don’t want them to find out on the bank statement (although we keep explaining that the word “stayuncle” will not appear on your bank statement) .

And for other various reasons.

Uuups.. Okay

You asked for it! We obliged.

You will now be able to book a hotel for couples either by pre-paying online as usual or paying the amount directly in the hotel during checkin.

But there is a catch

You will have to partially pay a part of the total amount online, before you get a booking reservation

Ooh really?

Yes that’s right. Come on, we’ve done this massive thing for you and you gotta do this little thing for us

So how does the partial payment thing work, Blaze uncle?

Very easy. Most hotels listed on will oblige you to partially pay some amount in the range of Rs 500-600. After completing this payment you will receive a booking confirmation as usual.


When the Ompaa Lompaa date and time comes you will simply complete the remaining payment in the hotel as mentioned on your booking voucher.

Any questions so far? Shoot on.

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