How to get Rs 1000 StayUncle credit using these 2 tricks

It sounded unbelievable

Bunch of friends told you about StayUncle. The pressure to try it for yourself was too great.

It finally happened. You have visited a StayUncle couple friendly hotel for the first time.

Your friends were right. It was indeed amazing. Your love partner never felt happier before. You are the hero.

This thing actually works.

This StayUncle.

These guys are for real.

And you already feel an itching to go and visit again. An itching down there

You know… Down…. There

There is one small problem. You can’t go so soon. You are out of money. Your next salary slip is far away. 

Hmm.. That indeed is a problem.

And guess what. We worked out a solution

Ompaaaaaaaaaaaa Lompaaaaaaaaaaaaa

If you wish to book a StayUncle hotel again any time soon even when low on budget there are few tricks you can apply

Share your referral link everywhere

Whenever you make your first booking with us, you get a unique referral link. Unique to you only.

It looks something like this:

And it does some crazy magic

Whenever someone clicks on your referral link he gets re-directed to StayUncle’s Home page, as usual.

However when she arrives at the payment details she will see something like this:


So the person who visits via your link gets Rs 100 auto-deducted from his billing amount

And you too get Rs 100 whenever someone completes a booking via your link, which get credited to your account.

You can access your account and your credits earned when you login to My bookings section on

In there you will see your current and past bookings, all the referral credit you’ve earned and Savita Bhabhi’s underwear 😀

In case you haven’t noticed your referral link just search your inbox for an email with a Subject line “Help someone else get laid“.

Inside you will find your unique referral code. It is there. Every guest of ours gets such email containing his unique referral link.

Here is one clever uncle who has posted an answer on Quora regarding StayUncle alongside his referral link.

His answer has received over 7.8k views up to date across all the places he has posted it

If only 10% clicked on the referral link he enclosed that would be 780 referrals. If only 10% of those visits decided to book that would be 78 bookings or Rs 7,800 referral credit

That’s a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of referral credit

With that amount of referral credit he could practically visit a StayUncle hotel this month for free plus pay for his mother’s stay with her boyfriend

Stay with me. Here comes another way to earn StayUncle credit

Leave a review for your past stays

Every time you leave a review for your past stay with us you are building incredible amount of karma for all those first time couples still not sure whether this service is safe and judgement free. And you get paid for it

How much?

Rs 200 for every review

So, if you’ve stayed with us twice and left a review for both your stays that would be a quick Rs 400 into your account


I know. I can feel you.

Just like I said you can always login under My bookings  on and see whether you’ve earned enough credit for free stay for yourself and your mother with her boyfriend 😀

Are we clear what you should be doing to get StayUncle coupons and free credits?

  • Share your referral link anywhere. Quora, Facebook, Whatsapp groups. There are thousands of people every day who are looking for StayUncle. You can help them out. And you can earn pese doing that.
  • Leave a review for your past stays


— Blaze uncle out


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