StayUncle launching the red hot sizzling Love kit free of charge for all StayUncle guests

Roses are red

Violets are blue

And we have a sizzling StayUncle love kit

Just for you.

It is well known fact that I suck at poetry as do most of the people who work at StayUncle.

But I can narrate all day around Praveen uncle’s underwear and other important questions around India’s national security.

What is this ep-shit-crazy news that is so dramatic that it even pulled out a poetry attempt by the worst poet ever in the history of underwears?

We are launching the StayUncle Love Kit – a discreet package containing sexual wellness items inside that will make your next StayUncle amorous adventure juicier saucier – and safer

What will be included inside the Love kit?

A Japanese brand condom in case no water battle is around and you want to store some water just in case.

A chocolate – because we’ve read on the Internet that it an aphrodisiac although we can’t even spell the word properly

Peesafe – because that lady garden needs its own version of the hand sanitizer before it interacts with the ever-dirty toilet shell.

Who is the Love kit best suited for?

Duuh? For sizzling lovers of course.

For those who understand that safe sex is the best sex

For the real dabaang who takes care of his girlfriend’s health and well being

For the mithai loving auntie?



How can I get a StayUncle love kit?

For those who have booked a stay in the selected list of StayUncle hotels included in this project the StayUncle love kit will be pre-arranged and waiting in their hotel room after they checkin.

No need to ask for it explicitly from the reception and risk embarrassing moments because it will simply wait straight and proud next to your bed.

How much should I pay for the Love kit?

That’s the best part – every couple who will book a room in any of the hotels included in the list below will get their StayUncle love kit complimentary. Free of charge.

Since it is free do not expect a massive Nestle chocolate inside the package. You will have be happy with a Rs 10 silk instead. Dude, we need to pay ourselves salaries, you know?

In which all StayUncle couple friendly hotels will I get the StayUncle Love kit?

We are currently starting with a pivot test consisting of 40 hotels, spread around all major Indian metro cities.

Within the upcoming weeks, all of StayUncle hotels will have a free StayUncle Love kit for every StayUncle couple guest.

To filter hotels which have the love kit included:

  1. Apply the Love kit toggle in the Filters section of the Search results page
  2. Complete your StayUncle booking with any one of our hotels where the Love kit is available free of charge


I love you, StayUncle

Aaw, we love you too, thiiiiiiiiiiiis much..

Now jaldi and book yourself a luvely StayUncle love stay with free StayUncle love kit included for free.

— Blaze uncle out

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