Would you like a chocolate alongside your hotel room?

When I was into second grade, my teacher asked me

Blazey, what would you like to have in your Christmas gift?

A condom, I said

The teacher went pale. Few other kiddos giggled but most didn’t get what I said.

Towards the end of the day she escorted me to the principal’s office

The next day they called my parents into the school.

That was the second time they called my parents within one year. The first time was for spending too much time with a kid that was considered having mild psychological issues.

I don’t remember what exactly I said or what they told me

All I know was one thing – if they hate me so much, I must be a super hero.

I think I knew what condom is because of an older kid in the neighborhood.

He came one day and said – Blaze do you want to see something cool?

I said yes.

Then he pulled out a condom and filled it with water. It turned out the biggest water balloon I had ever seen. It was enormous. Gigantic. I was terrified that it will burst out any moment but it didn’t. I was stunned.

So this is perhaps why I wanted Santa to put a condom inside my Christmas gift. So that I can turn it into a balloon and have a most awesome Christmas party.

The principal is still there 20 years later. Pale and old.

And here I am half way across the world in a marvelous land distributing condoms and helping other people you know – get their own dream Christmas party.


We are ecstatic. This is the biggest announcement we’ve made this year.

We are introducing the StayUncle kit – a discreetly packed sweet little box containing items many couples would find needy during their stays in couple friendly hotels

How will it work?

As soon as you complete the hotel pre-booking confirmation page on www.stayuncle.com you will be asked whether you want to book the StayUncle kit. If you do, the extra amount will be added to the total amount payable.


What about the delivery?

The StayUncle kit will be waiting for you at the reception. It will be given to you alongside your keys. As I said it is discreetly packed. And also only our most awesome hotels will be included in this upgrade. This means that you will have zero reasons to be concerned about how will the receptionist react. They are all cool. New India man.

So this won’t be available in all hotels?

Not immediately. We are still testing it out. At the moment this feature will only be available for bookings in hotel Rupam. Soon we will start rolling it into more hotels

How will I know which hotels will be equipped with the StayUncle kit

You will see it clearly displayed on the guest details page, where you enter your guests details before you complete your booking:

Is it mandatory to buy the StayUncle Love kit as well?

No you don’t have to. You can only book a couple friendly room just like it was before. The Love kit is optional. Plus if you guys only needed a hotel room for reading sharyaz to each other or study anatomy together, you would not need it anyways 😀

What’s inside the box?

A condom and a chocolate. Well we can’t put Sunny Leone into such tiny box, duuh

Now make sure you try it for your next booking with no second doubt. Make as many balloons as possible 😀

In case of any questions you can reach out Uncle via Twitter for fastest response or reach out to our customer support number directly for clarifications.

Here is a quick peack inside the Love kit


Blaze uncle out


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